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    Slip on exhaust for 2016 FE450

    Fmf or acrapovic , won't feel a noticeable differences just replacing the can, best replace the whole exhaust including header pipe if you looking to increase performance.
  2. ssidesshow

    2017 FX 350

    This will explain the fuel line issue and how it is related to flaming out https://youtu.be/DJ73qKUigIk
  3. ssidesshow

    2017 FX 350

    Anyone know where the best place to purchase Clake clutch products ?
  4. ssidesshow

    Engine number

    Should be left or right side of the engine case
  5. ssidesshow

    Opinions/parts on my new 2017 Husky FC450

    Killer bike man, I have the FX350 , I also not done much as waiting for part to become available. I have changed the 14 front to a 13 to be a little more forgiving in the lower revs in 1st , especially for single track technical stuff . Other than that not much .
  6. ssidesshow

    2017 fc 350 hard to start when cold out

    As per above, wait 20-30 sec between failed starts
  7. 13/48 = 3.7 13/50 = 3.9 13/52 = 4.0 14/48 = 3.4 14/50 = 3.6 14/52 = 3.7 So of the above the best gearing for more first gear use will be the 13/52 The = numbers is the number of revolutions the front cog makes to turn the rear wheel one full revolution
  8. My 17 came with a 14/50 and I changed to a 13/50 and is much better in the lower range in first , I was going to try a 13/52 to increase the first gear a little more. I think the 13/48 might be similar to a 14/50 , try a 13/50 and 13/52
  9. ssidesshow

    NEED HELP > Husqvarna FC 250 Agressive MAP

    Should say in the Manuel , think 2?in air box along with || on the handlebars .
  10. ssidesshow

    2017 FX 350

    Have you had a look at the TX 300 ? Exact same bike at the FX 350 but a 300 2 stroke
  11. ssidesshow

    2017 FX 350

    Yeah , I have one , great bike . Iv dropped to a 13T in the front and standard at the rear, much better. With the standard 14 front you will notice how the bike constantly tries to get away from you,, amazing bike , you'll be stoked !!!!!!
  12. ssidesshow

    2017 Husqvarna FX 450

    Nope But it's still an amazing bike !!!!!!!
  13. ssidesshow

    Need your help guys

    Call Andy at moto4 Husqvarna tomorrow and ask him. Very helpful guy. Google it
  14. ssidesshow

    Need your help guys

    I know the silencer will fit, the only part I'm unsure about is the pathway of the header pipe and how it is routed around the KTM frame and if that differs to the husky frame.
  15. ssidesshow

    Need your help guys

    99% sure it will fit .