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  1. The difference is night and day. It should have been my first mod. The bike really rips now.
  2. Finished my 40mm fcr swap today....wow. All I can say is wow, what an improvement.
  3. And of course after all that work I don't like it on the bike I was hoping the red would match a little better. Maybe have to go with a black one.
  4. Installed an "ebay" gripper seat cover. Turned out OK, but next time I think I'll gladly pay someone to do it.
  5. As she currently sits
  6. Ordered a 40mm FCR today... :stoked:
  7. Picked up a used clarke 4gal today (in red). Was really eyeing a black tank but couldn't pass it up for the price. I will now have to reevaluate my color scheme
  8. Installed the TT vapor. Don't care much for the mount it came with but it will do for now.
  9. Yes snorkel removed, daves mods, k&n filter, dg pipe and stock headerI will look into trimming the airbox a bit. It runs pretty good but does have a bog mod throttle
  10. I'm running 58/160 at the moment, standard uncorked mods 1500-1900 FASL, no airbox side cover right now. Once the replacement side cover comes in I'll probably drop to 55/158ish and see what happens.
  11. Looks better now I think.
  12. I rejet without removing the carb, much less the exhaust. Takes 5 minutes. :shrug:
  13. CRF rear fender today. May have to revisit the mounting to being the tip of the fender up a little more but overall satisfied.