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  1. I have a hybrid bike I built. It's a 1969 Honda SL90. I have installed an 1984 ATC 125M engine. I used the SL90 clutch. I needed stiffer clutch springs. This was a tough one, as I couldn't find any and I was going to have to find ones from some other bike and make them work. So I started searching the net... Started by calling EBC. Nice enough guy on the phone, but he never got back to me. Then Pro Circuit. As I was explaining the stock springs measurements (i.e. wire diameter, uncompressed length, etc) to the tech, he got the idea I was trying to steal their spring manufacturing process. Despite repeated attempts to explain that was not the case, and I was simply trying to give him dimensions to aid his search, he quickly hung up after saying he'd have someone get back to me. No one did. Then I called Barnett Engineering. A really nice lady, Colleen, took my spring measurements, and said she needed a couple more, which I got and gave her a day or two later. The next day, I got a call from Mike Taylor. Very, very helpful. Took the time to talk to me, and said he had the springs I needed. He sent them for a real good price. They worked perfect! No more slipping! I looked a little closer to Barnett's website. Seems the Colleen I spoke with was the co-CEO, and is the daughter of the founder of the company. Mike Taylor is her husband and co-CEO! Where, in this day and age, do find customer service like that?! No where!! I was so pleased I sent them a gift certificate for lunch at a restaurant near them. I hope they got it and enjoyed their lunch. As a final Thank You to them, I wanted to relate this story. I hope you will choose Barnett for your motorcycle needs! http://www.barnettclutches.com/