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    yz250f clutch 05

    Hey guys. So I just rebuilt my bottom end, replaced clutch cable etc. After putting it all back together, I'venoticed that the clutch doesn't seem to be fully engaging. By this, I mean that I pull the clutch in all of the way, put it in 1st gear, and the bike still moves with resistance. The clutch actuator and clutch cable are in the right position, but its not working properly. Anyone know any fixes or ideas?
  2. royler1193

    05 yz250f keeps flooding

    Hey guys, so i have a yz250f keihin carb. I fully rebuilt the engine and carb, the engine will start for about 1 second then flood. I tried kick starting and bump starting. Ill wait a couple hours, come back, and the same thing will happen. After I try kicking it, there is a leak out of the float bowl drain hose. So i took off the carburetor, soaked in a bucket with sea foam and water, powerwashed the hell out of it, blew out with compressed air. New accelerator pump, new needle valve, and still the same thing. Im awful with carburetors. I have a nice constant blue spark, good compression, no holes in the intake, and this thing will not start. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  3. royler1193

    2005 yz250f rebuild

    Okay, after further investigation, i have learned that during the end of the compression stroke (when the piston reaches the top) there is a hissing noise. i put a hose up to the intake valves and it sounds like there is air escaping through the intake valves when they are supposed to be closed. Does this mean my valves are not seated correctly and they need grinded? I talked to the guy i bought the cylinder head from and he said it was from a "working engine". However, I am having trouble believing this. This would explain why I am losing compression. Does this story add up to you guys?
  4. royler1193

    2005 yz250f rebuild

    Here is a pic verifying I'm at tdc
  5. royler1193

    2005 yz250f rebuild

    I do not even have the carb on right now because I'm not getting a lot of suction from the intake.
  6. royler1193

    2005 yz250f rebuild

    they are both facing outwards and i timed tdc at the top of the stroke
  7. royler1193

    2005 yz250f rebuild

    Hey guys. So I bought a blown up 05 yz250f, and I've finished the engine rebuild. But, its not wanting to start. I am at TDC, my valve clearances are within spec, I am getting compression, I have a spark, I have squirted gasoline into the spark plug hole, but the only thing I've gotten when trying to kickstart it is maybe a pop through the intake manifold. Also, through the intake manifold, there seems to be very minimal sucking. Most of the sucking actually seems to be coming through the exhaust pipe? This is a mystery to me, does anybody have any idea why it is doing this? I can provide pictures if needed