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  1. Those are way sick looking! Great job on the "racetoration"!!
  2. Chazyed pilot you're awesome! Crisp hive five man! So another question for ya if you don't mind me picking you're brain a lil more... Is the button on the left side that is under the blinker switch the horn? If so where is the kill switch? Because my bike doesn't have a key start and what I thought was the kill switch has now come out to be the starter switch lol! I appreciate any help you can give as always bruddah!
  3. Chayzed pilot, does the starter button only have 1 wire? And I will try a couple more plugs as well
  4. I took a voltage tester and ran through the system with the battery in and on a charger and everything had power all the way up the the ignition coil. Leading me to believe that the ignition coil is bad as I have tried a couple new plugs and no spark. I got a generic toggle switch to hook up to the kill switch to hopefully help that out. I'm told this bike has an electric start but I cannot find that button to start it lol!! It has a single wire running to a button I can only assume is the ground for a kill switch. The other traces back to the horn. I'm an old fashioned kinda rider so I would only use the kick starter anyways so the electric start isn't a sellin point for me! I ordered a new coil and should be here Monday. Hopefully that solves the whole issue. Thanks to all for replying! All the ideas flowing in gets my brain thinkin in the right direction which allows me to start deducing actual problems and solutions instead of wondering about its flux capacitor or something stupid lol!
  5. Update, after testing with voltage tester everything is getting power but the ignition coil isn't sparking so I've ordered a new one and so the next thing to fix begins!!!
  6. Hey chayzed pilot do you know what type of gues it is? Mine doesn't have any numbers or writing at all on it? I'd like to just get a new one to be in the safe side
  7. Thank you very much guys! I will check into the fuse idea and hopefully it's not blown or if it is it has the spare! Will update when I get up and out there! Thanks again I appreciate it all
  8. Awesome thank you I will check the points tomorrow, just got done Ridin the trails on my Suzuki!
  9. It also says 12v on the ignition coil, does that mean it needs 12v to spark?? It's wires trace back to the battery compartment and wires
  10. I don't believe it's a magneto resistor type but could be wrong. I had to replace one on my mini quad and it actually bolted inside the case
  11. And I appreciate all the help you can give! Here is a pic of my coil and what not under the gas tank maybe it will help remove some possibilities from the board...
  12. Nice def good to know! Tho I will make sure to put the 2 stroke injected oil for it! Hopefully bel-Ray makes it cuz I like to run that in my bikes!
  13. Awesome thank you! Now as for the no spark, as I showed in the pic I cut the kill wire so it's not touching any metal, and with new plug there is no spark, would the battery maybe be needed for spark? Or is there an actual spark plug coil that could be bad?
  14. Also I just got a battery delivered, now I have to fill it up and charge over night, I wonder if this will help give spark or not?