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    TTR Jets

    Halloweenie - main and pilot jets should be seated to my knowledge, (that's how I did mine in my 08 125L). Air screw is adjustable on those carbs and could take a little time to get it just right. I would take the carb off and spray brake cleaner/throttle body/carb cleaner in each of the jet holes and make sure it comes out the other jet holes. spray through the jets if you can and make sure the fluid comes out in a straight line. also taking a small piece of wire off of a wire brush and cleaning out the holes on the jets would help make sure they are free of crystals. sometimes the jets look clean but they actually aren't. once you get everything clean seat the main and pilot jet. seat your air screw then back it out 2 and a half turns and start trying to adjust from there. going counter clockwise a half turn at a time. you could also play with the idle screw and the choke a little until you get it running. also I would always use non ethanol gas if you have access to it. you could also clean out your gas tank (had to do that after buying my bike, it had sat for so long the fuel was terrible looking). Right now my air screw is backed out about 3 and a half turns, and my bike will always start up first kick with choke. my bike came with a mikuni carb on it, and it does pretty good for what ive done to the bike, (air box mod, exhaust, air filter) etc. just the basics ive also ordered a 17.5 pilot so ill let you know how that works out for me.
  2. Dmax08

    ttr 250 2004 exhaust

    darmahman - I have an 08 ttr 125. I was thinking about getting a t4 exhaust for my bike. the previous owner put an fmf muffler on it. and it sounds good! but I cant really compare the power difference from when it was stock. Do you like the t4 exhaust system? All the reviews I have read have been very positive Im just not sure if it would add a noticeable difference in power, I guess there is only one way to find out!
  3. Dmax08

    08 ttr 125L Best carb choice?

    I have an 08 ttr 125l. I'm starting to do a little work to it but right now I'm not sure what to do about the carb. Obviously I'm going to replace it but idrk what I want to replace it with. I was looking at mikuni, or also maybe a yz80 carb. But would the throttle cable have to be changed I to a single cable for the yz80 carb to work? Not exactly sure how that works. It has an fmf muffler, air box mod with filter, stock exhaust pipe, (do other pipes really make that much of a difference? ), 14t front, 49 rear, fork springs, shock spring, ordered a bbr big bore kit (150), and few other things. Sorta new to the ttr world and not sure which carb would be the best choice. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Let's talk carburetors! xD
  4. Dmax08

    The Sprocket, To Change or Not To Change?

    i have a 2008 ttr 125L. mine has a 50t rear sprocket and a 13t front. Is that normally what comes on them from the factory? If so I'd like to try a 14/46 set-up. opinions?
  5. I have a 2008 ttr 125L, and im starting to look into doing a little work to it. but I have a few questions concerning some things I have heard from different sources. Q1. My bike has an fmf muffler on it with the stock pipe, would changing out the pipe make any difference in power or throttle response? Q2. I was looking into a yz80 carb, or maybe a mikuni (little expensive for me though), and to my knowledge, the yz80 carb has a different throttle cable set-up than my stock carb, how would I make that work? Q3. this thread said that machining the flywheel would make a difference in power, (mostly torque to my knowledge). would that really make a noticeable difference? Q4. im also looking into a 150 bore kit, fork springs, rear spring, maybe a 14 tooth front sprocket. what do yal think about those mods? Q5. when is comes to air filters, are the more expensive ones worth it? they all kind of look the same to me. Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated! PS, I do a lot of trail riding, muddy, rocky, sometimes sandy terrain. Bigger rear wheel possibly? not sure exactly how that would work, or if a wider rim is available for my bike.