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  1. :| first thing i did before even riding it lol
  2. so correct me if I'm wrong, will it start up cold and run no problem? but after a bit she cuts out? do you know if the crfs have any sort of overheat cut off? I'm not sure myself. but if so it could even be a cooling issue.
  3. if you have a multimeter or ohm meter you can test stator, just have to check Manual or online to see what ohms it should be. or just Google how to test stator. could be one of your sensors on throttle body as well. really could be a lot of things.
  4. if you haven't already I would pull the plug and check it out. assure the gap is correct.
  5. is it cutting out at idle only? or even on the throttle?
  6. true... I guess I can't argue that lol. as for top end rebuild, any kit I should or should not get?
  7. I have the manual, not worried about rebuild, I'll be doing that myself in the near future. I am more curious about parts that I should invest in i.e. handle bars? different gearing? Brakes rotors? really anything other than internals.. thanks!
  8. Hello everyone! I just bought a new to me 04 450r, bike is bone stock and runs great! I have been looking into getting some parts for it but there is just so many things out there obviously. But does anyone have any recommendations or setups they have experienced or heard of that I should do? I'm 5'11 and around 165 lbs. going to be riding track for the most part, maybe some trails and what not for fun. Thanks everyone!