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  1. See you Friday. Looking forward to it. Cheers Rob
  2. HI Russ, It's awesome that you set this all up! Is anyone from White Salmon or Hood River area heading up for this? I know Giffy is prime and well... I'm flying solo. Thanks Rob Plus a bump ;-)
  3. Anyone heading out tomorrow and staging from the south side? 18 or 2? I'm thinking about going for a ride.
  4. Idaho

    I'm glad you were able to experience that before you rolled out to Idaho! Classic Giffy... Thanks for going ridin' with me and making the video, I hope we can re-connect soon. Cheers Rob
  5. mtngoat and I met some of those folks on our Sunday adventure. I turned off my engine and chatted them up to try and establish some common ground and be a good ambassador for our sport. They were all friendly. I have a lot of respect for endurance runners/hikers. Cool sport. Nice adventure tale Tiger Tanker. Thanks!
  6. Nice ride mtngoat! You earned your Shark rock merit badge and a Black Butte Porter! You're now a Giffy Eagle Scout I had an excellent time riding with you and hopefully we share a trail again in the near future! In WA or even ID if it works out. Safe-r travels to you and yours... Cheers Bro RW
  7. Compared to several years back. How did your boating venture turn out? I didn't hear from ya' that weekend.
  8. Nice ride and video clip Doug, thanks! Good times for the over half a century club Havin' fun The stream crossing was a little deeper than you want to ride. Don't want to swamp those four strokes out in the middle of nowhere... Thanks for the trail maintenance to all that chipped in! Cheers All
  9. That's a bit of a haul for me coming from White Salmon. Maybe I can catch you all some other time. Thanks for the reply
  10. Where are you all staging from?
  11. I think most of those trails are clear. It was brought up on our last ride that there could be some brush pruning to avoid head on collisions on the busier days. Doesn't take much room in your pack to carry some clippers and do a section while waiting for slower riders. Good point about bringing a tool to improve the trail if possible. I'm not sure about langille though. Anyone have a report about that trail?
  12. It says right under your Avi name to get help now! Listen to them Joe =) They know all. Cheers
  13. Thanks for the trail work guys. Mtngoat and I had a nice day riding. We saw quite a few dirt devils out enjoying the great conditions and beautiful weather. Lots of KTM's at Jumbo and good chatting with them all. It rained super hard on the way home, should be great conditions up there this week. Thanks again to the trail crew! I'm looking forward to an awesome riding season =) Cheers Rob
  14. Called Dean and left a message. Lets_Go this Sunday! Mtngoat and I will be heading up to pitch in and clear some trail! Bottom of trail 2 @ approx 8:30ish... That's our plan at this point.
  15. Hey Joe, All good reasons to follow up with the necessary steps to log it in. Can you make it down for this Sunday? It would be great to see some of y'all =) Cheers Rob