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  1. I'll try the 3 turns out. The accelerator pump already has the Eddie mod
  2. UPDATE: New Spark plug New 45 pilot jet New 162 main jet New Emn needle New R&D Fuel screw set 2 turns out Checked for any loose clamps to carb or airbox Still having the same issues. Bike doesn't not act very responsive under quick snaps of the throttle. As soon as it's elevated in a wheelie, it sputters and has no power to keep it up.
  3. The coast enrichener is removed as in connected sorry. Only the port on block is capped. So when I get the emn needle which clip should I begin on. Also, the exhaust seems to have a lot of blackening on the tip... Which I'm assuming is another sign of being lean. How about the spark plug could that be a culprit
  4. So far some recommendations are: 1. Raise the float level 2. Check pet cock for clogs or dirty filters 3. Jetting is wrong ( can someone chime in if I'm running proper jetting for sea level) 4. Fcr slant carb not good for stunting and to put stock carb back on.
  5. Well the accelerator pump mod has been done so it squirts right away. Mind you it was bogging before the mod too. I suppose I could check the spray when I open the throttle and see what's going on.
  6. Yeah mine is All the time. It's getting progressively worse. I can't snap the throttle in any gear too quickly or else it will bog down. The wheelies is when it really goes bad.
  7. So I have a 2003 Klx400e converted to street, I know all the drz parts are interchangeable. I'm currently running an older Fcr 39mm slant carb on there with a 160 main jet, 45 pilot jet, and a 65 pilot air jet. OBDXP needle is on the 4th clip currently. Mods are full FMF powerbomb, 3x3 airbox mod, Eddie Mod and the coast enrichener removed. I have an EMN needle on the way. The issue: The bike is very choppy and bogs out under quick snap of the throttle. I figured the Eddie mod would fix this but it hasn't. Also, as soon as I lift the bike up to wheelie, the throttle response becomes a bog and I have complete loss of power. This has happened before the Eddie mod was done and before the coast enrichener was removed as well. Any ideas as to what is going on would be appreciated.