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  1. Ewanziak

    Proper break in

    Thanks, did this and so far she's riding like a dream! Really happy, this is my first time doing my own work on the bike and I'm glad everything is working
  2. Ewanziak

    Proper break in

    Youll do my work for free? Wow what a great guy I'm so happy that you will.. Listen dude I'm a 16 year old kid with no money and doing all this crap was a stretch paying for what I did do. And with the cylinder and piston, I took it to a shop and had it looked at.. They said it looked good. How much of a washed out loser do you have to be to talk trash over the internet as a grown adult, if that's all your gonna do then gtfo
  3. Ewanziak

    Proper break in

    Completely redoing the entire valve train sounds like a rebuild to me.. I didn't replace the cylinder or piston because upon inspection they looked great.
  4. Ewanziak

    Proper break in

    I rebuilt my 4 stroke but not the piston.. I only replaced my cylinder head and camshafts... Do I still need to do my typical 4 stoke break in still or can I get straight to ripping since I didn't redo the piston?
  5. Ewanziak

    Just rebuilt top end and have no compression (Help)

    Yes the spark plug is tightened down, also, whenever I move the kickstarter and I have the head cover off everything looks like its moving properly, but I can hear and feel air pushing upward, what can this indicate? Valve guide seals maybe, or valves just need shimmed?
  6. Today I did a top end on my kx250f... I replaced the head, both cams, all valves, springs, gaskets, so on and do forth When I was all finished up, the bike was timed, and everything all closed up I kick it over and have no compression at all. The only resistance on the kick starter is coming from the valve springs when the cam shaft lobes press down to any of the valves. The bike won't start and I know that compression must be the issue. My question is, what can be the cause of no compression... Could the valves being out of time be the cause of no compression? Thanks TT
  7. So I was going at my chain today trying to tension it up today. When I got to the right hand side chain adjuster bolt the thing was seized. I decided to try some heat and that worked great, slowly but great. As I was backing out the bolt my wrench slipped and rounded the bolt off. Im now unable to get a grip on the bolt with any size tool. I gave vice grips a try but those only rounded it off more. Do any of you have a pro tip for getting these stubborn things. It would be preferable if I didnt have to drill it out. Thanks TT
  8. So I just purchased a set of handguards for my bike. The instructions want me to saw off the tip of the throttle tube to get to the actual handlebar. I have an aftermarket aluminum throttle tube on my bike and im not sure how to go about cutting the end of this thing off. Should I go at it with a dremel tool? If any of you have installed handguards on a metal throttle tube please let me know what method you used to cleanly cut the metal.
  9. Ewanziak

    Trouble Getting Registration

    So I live in Nj.. A few days ago I went to my local MVC with my dirt bikes title and insurance in hand. Once it was my turn in line I asked to get my bike registered. The person told me that because the previous owner of the dirt bike had never gotten it registered I would need him to register the bike first before I could get it registered for myself. This doesn't make any sense to me at all. How am I supposed to track the original owner down. Did the person I spoke to just not know what they were talking about? Should I go back and talk to someone else? I'm just very confused.
  10. Ewanziak

    Carburetor Lean/Rich Adjustment

    Thank you very much! Upon inspection of the carburetor I saw that the boot that goes from the intake the the carb was not pressed on the entire way. Go at it fixed up and the bike runs great now.
  11. Ewanziak

    Carburetor Lean/Rich Adjustment

    I have an FCR flat slide carburetor. The pilot screw is internal on that particular carburetor
  12. Ewanziak

    Carburetor Lean/Rich Adjustment

    I just had a shop do my timing because I bought new camshafts so my engine cant be out of time. And when you say 3 and a half turns, is that in reference to the pilot screw inside the carburetor or the idle adjustment screw (The black knob) on the exterior of the carburetor.
  13. Ewanziak

    Carburetor Lean/Rich Adjustment

    Hey guys, I recently fixed up and put back together my kx250f. However I still have a problem. Whenever I start the bike it idles okay but when i give it gas the bike some gas it does not return to idle until about 20 seconds later. Another thing, the header turns red if i let it idle, if I ride the bike though it doesnt glow as brightly. Also whenever i turn off the bike there is like a *bloof* kind of sound that comes from the exaust. I asked my buddy about it and he said I definitely needed a carburetor adjustment. Im kind of bad with carburetors so i dont really know where to start. Too lean? Too rich? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. You're one lucky dude. My dad KNOWS all the trails I ride are illegal. But convincing him to let me go to the track is another story.
  15. Ewanziak

    Question about clutch lever

    I've never heard of a broken lever making it more difficult to shift. Try adjusting the clutch cable and see if that helps.