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  1. I went with the wiseco top end kit. I bought it from the local KTM dealer.
  2. I am doing my first top end rebuild and in the kit that I bought there are 3 different head gaskets with varying thicknesses. How do I know which one I should pick? Sorry for being such a nube at this.
  3. ktmbrap00

    2000 KTM 300 Carb cleaning

    Thanks man much appreciated!
  4. ktmbrap00

    2000 KTM 300 Carb cleaning

    I cleaned and put the carb back on today. I got it to run for a few minutes before it shut off. I tried kick starting it for awhile with no luck. I did however notice oil leaking between the top and bottom end of the engine. I'm thinking its a blown gasket.
  5. ktmbrap00

    2000 KTM 300 Carb cleaning

    Thanks for the info. I am going to try and clean it today. I was planning on rejetting it. I found a couple of good videos on how to do that. Hopefully I can get it running soon
  6. ktmbrap00

    2000 KTM 300 Carb cleaning

    Does anyone have a step by step guide on how to clean a carb on a 2000 KTM 300? I recently bought the bike off of Craigslist and it was bogging pretty bad when I initially rode it and now it won't start. I want to go through all the steps of trying to get it to run before taking it to a shop. Any useful information would be greatly appreciated.