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  1. Next size pilot would be a 50 , which is stock . I thought with the NECJ needle you lean out pilot and main? I do notice after riding wot and pull the clutch in i do get a slight surg (lean) maybe ?
  2. Bike warmed up, 60-70* right now around 300-500ft. I can get rid of it by adjusting the air screw in more but then it's def under 1 turn out.
  3. 2011 yz250 , rb head mod, New top end and changed out my jetting for the NECJ needle and no 8 slide. I have a small bog when I whack the throttle from an idle. would changing the clip position on the needle help this? Current jetting pj 48 main 170 NECJ 3rd air screw around 1 turn
  4. Thank you
  5. Couldn't find much on the no 8 slide and the NECJ. Found plenty of needle threads. But thank you
  6. 2011 yz250, just did a new Oem topend , RBdesign head mod, had my slide cut to no 8, and Suzuki needle. I run 50/50 110 and pump. Around sea level ,Where should I start for jetting ? Thanks mike
  7. Is the wash of the piston anything to worry about ?
  8. bike ran mint, just thought it was weird how much wash there was on the piston crown.
  9. No didn't wash of the piston , had no carbon build up which I thought was weird.
  10. Hey guys , bought this 2011 yz250 last year looked like low hours. Gonna throw a new piston in it over winter. Looking to get some insight on how this piston looks and why there is carbon on the intake side of cylinder(shown in pic). I run 32-1 yamalube with 50/50 pump 93 and leaded 110 Sunoco. Stock jetting. Thanks
  11. Do the upper tubes vary in size or just the lower section ?
  12. Do the upper tubes vary in size or just the lower section ?
  13. Hey guys I got a 2011 yz250 I recently picked up. Notice the fork seals leaking. Then upon closer inspection I notice the upper fork tubes are corroded and some of the anodize is gone. Then the lower tubes there are pits and a few little nicks in them. Looks like the previous owner left a corrosive dirt or some sort on there. My question is should I look for a used set of forks on eBay and swap my internals over? Also would the yz450 forms be the same ?
  14. Yeah it was kinda dirty , wonder if the dirt was the reason for all the staining and oxidation. Frame and engine have a little bit of oxidation. Wish I really paid close attention to it before I bought it, but little soda blasting will help.