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  1. Trail Tech

    Stator with two extra yellows

    Here are the instructions http://gallery.trailtech.net/media/instructions/lights/stators/010-ELV-59.pdf Also feel free to call or Email us. Live Tech Support from 8-5 PST Monday thru Friday 360-687-4530 tech_support@trailtech.net
  2. Trail Tech

    Trail Tech Vapour CR250R?

    No problem. Glad to help.
  3. Trail Tech

    Trail Tech Vapour CR250R?

    You will want to use Vapor kit number 75-700 for a kit with a Silver head unit or Vapor kit number 752-700 for a kit with a Black head unit.
  4. Trail Tech

    KLX300 kickstand alternative?

    We don't have anything that fits that bike. Completely different mounting than we use so nothing to cross over.
  5. The three leads in the middle of your photo are from a Vapor computer. One of the red and black leads goes to power. The other red and black lead with the same connector is for the ignition sensor for the tach on our Vapor computer. The other one that is there is the speed sensor cable. It looks like the only lead missing for one of our Vapor computer would be the temp sensor.
  6. Trail Tech

    Trail Tech Vapor

    We updated our LCD screens a while back and LCD operating temps are now 0-60°C (32-140°F). If the screen goes blank from the cold it is still counting time and will display correctly when warmed back up.
  7. Trail Tech

    trail tech tach

    All you will need to do is go into the settings menu and then into the vehicle sensors menu. In here you will find the Engine Sensor feature. Below this will list PPR. Highlight PPR and then change it to the needed setting. If you are reading double what you should be change it to 2. If you are reading half of what you should be change it to 1/2.
  8. Trail Tech

    Trail Tech or Steahly Flywheel?

    No problem. Glad to help.
  9. Trail Tech

    Trail Tech or Steahly Flywheel?

    If you try running the lighting flywheel on any of the carb model CRF"R" models with the stock stator the bike will not run correctly. The stronger magnets in the lighting flywheel will cause the ignition to brake up and the bike will run very poorly.
  10. Trail Tech

    Trail Tech or Steahly Flywheel?

    I am sorry but unfortunately we do not offer a flywheel for those bikes. We currently do not have any plans to offer one.
  11. Trail Tech

    Trail Tech or Steahly Flywheel?

    They are the same part. We make the flywheel that Steahly offers. The 517 is the same flywheel as our 6141-31 flywheel. The thing you have to make sure your order correctly is the lighting or non lighting flywheel. If you are ordering it for an CRFX model then get the lighting flywheel. If you have any other questions concerning the flywheels please feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call. tech_support@trailtech.net 360-687-4530
  12. Go big or go home! Trail Tech’s high performance 8” Race Light is designed for high speed off-road riding. Used by pro level racers around the world, this light is a must have for anyone who wants to smoke the competition! Now is your chance to score one of these amazing lights for 20% off MSRP! Call to order yours today - (360) 687-4530 (20% off - Halogen 55w or 100w only)
  13. Are you looking to replace or add a speedometer to your motorcycle? Trail Tech’s updated Vapor speedometer/tachometer is the way to go! Add the optional indicator dashboard (shown) to make it street legal.
  14. Trail Tech

    The BRP in Idaho

    Did the Idaho City ISDE this year and then explored this amazing area on the Big Red Pig. Trail Tech digital Fan kit kept the bike cool in almost 100 degree temps and the X2 headlight got me home after dark when I extended my ride further that planned. Great day.
  15. Trail Tech

    Trail Tech Tach Hour Meter

    What bike do you have it installed on? What is the reading at idle? How do you have the sensor lead installed?