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  1. easy19

    R.I.P Kevin Parks

    Kevin was an inspiration on and off the track. Talent and Humility are tops on my list of things to say about him. it was a pleasure never forgotten to have known, ridden with, been passed by, been jumped over by, and recounted the days rides with such a truly great person! To Jami, Byron and the rest of Kevins closest, my thoughts and Prayers are with you! goggle
  2. bell moto 8 has a two point attachment system for the visor. flows more air under the visor, over the helmet than anything else out there. works great for sumo and dual sport use. IMO.
  3. easy19

    flywheel weight recomendations

    i have 06 and it has both rekluse pro and heavy flywheel weight. the bike is super fun and easy. Rode a trail last weekend the trail boss called chernobyl. super tight ticky tacky fresh cut first gear woods. no stall, no clutch. Nice. i was reluctant about the rekluse but have not found a place where i don't like it. wiz636, ask woody what he put on his 06. i don't know if he will know the super tech, but he knows what he put on that bike.
  4. easy19

    525SX or XR650R

    a friend of mine once said that the only place he liked his 650 better than his KTM was on the the big black trail with the yellow line down the middle. I ride a 525 mxc, and have ridden many a different bike. I cannot imagine a better do everthing bike than the 525 mxc. Exc can be good as well, but I prefer the Gearing on the mxc.
  5. easy19

    Gpr Vs. Scotts

    I have a GPR 2.0 under bar mount. I dig it. I have heard very good things about Scotts and a couple of guys that I ride with will absolutely not ride anything but. I can tell you this. My GPR treats me right. very easy to use. The GPR guys are at alot of the national caliber races and are very willing to help out with their product. It is very easy to use and inspires confidence. I think that the Scotts is more tunable and there are some distnct differences, but either way, any damper is much mo better than none. Ride well
  6. easy19

    button won't turn my 540

    Whoa Dave. Good Answer. I think I got that. Thanks all for the help. Hey Dave, Can I borrow a tooth Brush.
  7. easy19

    button won't turn my 540

    Much harder. As it comes up to TDC it hits a rock that is very pronounced. Even with moto boots it is tough to get it through that portion of the stroke.
  8. just had a Ktm 540 kit installed on my 04 mxc 525. The starter, even with freshly charged Battery will not turn over the motor. Worked just fine before kit. Any Ideas?
  9. use a syringe and short piece of tubing and back bleed the brakes. A little more mess, but much easier than the traditional way