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  1. My bad. You're right. That's one ride. A three hour ride after spark plug replacement. Clean as a whistle.
  2. Started the troubleshooting of the electrical. Pulled the plug and got this. Too rich? Still electrical?
  3. From Stock: (as per the direction of a mountain dirt bike grease monkey from a local shop) 3 main jet sizes down needle second position from top pilot jet 1 step richer The spark plug has been replaced. The needle is stock with the needle jet replaced as of three days ago. Though when I replaced the needle jet the bike ran very well for about 5 minutes. Enough for a quick ride up the street. This lead me to think it might be ready for some light trail work. About 3 minutes into the trail the stuttering began again. The idle has sounded a lot better than in the video. It has been adjustable. When I initially cleaned the carb I did remove the fuel screw and found the o-ring to be in decent shape. Kill button working as intended. I will begin to check out some of the things you've both pointed out. Glad to hear it doesn't seem to be a fuel mixture issue. Tired of pulling the carb out. As for the idle, how high should it be? Do you have any links to a video I might be able to get a better idea from? Thank you both. I appreciate you help!
  4. Hi, all. This is a bit of a two-parter: I am an amateur rider (in my second season/ ~10 rides.) I have a 99 XR 400 (bike 1 in the video.) 1.) I ride at 7500ft+ in Colorado where I live. The bike hasn't run clean since I bought it. If it did it wasn't for long. I have been toying with the carb to get it jetted, but I am becoming increasingly frustrated. I made a video in hopes someone might be able to help me tune it. I have already: - replaced the needle - cleaned the carb - rejetted for elevation (according to some local bike shops) However, it's still running like it sounds in the video. I took it for a ride today on a trail , and as I ride it gets more pronounced. However, it was ride-able. When I brought it home I made the video. Please note I was not feathering the throttle. It was doing everything you hear with steady throttle. Any ideas? Am I rich? Lean? Fuel screw off? 2.) I have the opportunity to purchase bike 2 (XR 400 1997.) It's not as clean or flashy, but obviously it runs better. It also has higher compression. I'm told that's good? It means it was rebuilt recently. Is that true? If I am picking between the two- what should I look for? Bike #2 runs smoother, but I don't want to overlook anything that might be beneficial to swap out on Bike #1. (Sorry if this is confusing.) Bike #1 99 XR 400: cleaner, better aesthetics, runs like crap, less compression than bike #2, working tripometer Bike #2 97 XR 400: dirtier (needs a bath?), crappy plastics, no bark busters, mikuni pumper carb, runs smoother, busted tripometer. It might be a slam dunk for Bike #2, but I wasn't sure what to look for. I am hoping for some pointers on the matter. Regardless, if I sold Bike #1 I would need to fix the carb problem. Again- any help would be much appreciated. Please see the above video for visual. I can also take pictures or upload more video as needed. Thank you in advance!