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  1. Thanks Red, just ordered FMF exhaust yesterday. Appreciate the reply.
  2. Hi Guys Jut getting back into riding the backwoods, its been awhile. I have had a ten year layoff from off road riding. I am used to big bad XR's, had a few over the years. Most recent was a '00 XR600R which I miss very much. Recently, I came to the conclusion that I need a bike back in my life...for balance. I am a little older now, ride hard but not as aggressive as in my past. I do enjoy having the power and capability to go anywhere so after a few months of research and pondering on a few models I went with a '14 CRF450X. So happy to have it! A couple good long rides under my belt and I am so impressed with the just wants to go through everything, lots of power and very light (compared to my older XR's). Fuel range will have to be addressed eventually but I know what options I have there. I have added a few things to the bike that I thought I needed: bark busters, grips/donuts, MSR fold down mirror, Giant Loop Mojave bag with heat shield, seat grab strap, GPS with RAM mount. Mechanically I am fine for the basics, the manual is quite good. What I am hoping to get is maybe a little guidance on what else I should add to this bike for comfort and performance. Any tips that I could do myself (intermediate) or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Love the bike, love this website. Thanks guys