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  1. The new cdi was from an E electric start and was going on an E kicker. I think you remove a green earth wire from the cdi plug when fitting an E cdi to an S model.
  2. Thanks, i've read this but as i'm in the UK the information is not confirmed. Going by the U.S information you'd think swapping a 71 for a 71 would work?
  3. I bought a spare cdi for my 2003 kicker. It is the 71 model cdi. I bought the same 71 model cdi but it won't run at all? Just a few pops and will fire but not run. I get a good spark so it's like it's firing at the wrong time? It was advertised as off a k7 2007-2015 but I thought they were all the same? Are they different or is it faulty? Thanks.