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  1. Your an out law .. Bike like that I would hit the woods and dich them fags .
  2. darrin hill

    please help me- wr250f issues

    They make a dile a jet for it . Yes set at 2 .. Jet the bike and than turn a 1/8 either way or so to improve . Don't tell me I don't know . Posting is hard to ex plane all .
  3. darrin hill

    please help me- wr250f issues

    Yes u sill need to jet ... This is a fine tune u dumb ass .
  4. darrin hill

    please help me- wr250f issues

    lol really . What planet did u grow up on . The fuel screw is like all the jetting on a 4 stroke . Y sm wrong please tell me ??? Iwon two national titals on a 450.
  5. darrin hill

    please help me- wr250f issues

    Sorry it's easy for me been racing all my life . Okay start at your 2 turns start the bike . Warm up slow . U can here a motor and what it needs . Rich it will flood out and chock off and die on a 4 stroke . Lein it will run hot want to pop . Get it close go ride . U come down a hill to a turn and it makes a pop pop pop to lean . U stall and it garrles at u way rich . Your so close , relax and ride it go from there .
  6. darrin hill

    please help me- wr250f issues

    Don't remember to turns but warm the bike up and do a stand still jet . Rich it runs flubery rich lean it will bog on instant throttle response and back fire when slowing that's riding . U can get it close than ride . U will feel lean , rich it won't run good at all it will die and bark at u . Fine tune it .
  7. Needed a case splitter and install tool I made that too.. Not paying 120 had this laying around my shop and turned it into a tool in less than a half hour .
  8. darrin hill

    Machined hubs?

    I own a machine shop it's hard to take a light cut on a hub as it tapers all over . U cut what u can and sand polish in the lathe the rest .
  9. darrin hill

    Machined hubs?

    Check fleabay tusk hubs a nice at a good price . I saw a pair out there like 220 or so . Same dam hub as the 700 ones . U can get them powder coated cheap . But they can chip .
  10. I love pro tapers bars and I'm building this old school 97 cr125 .. Can't find a clamp so off to my mill . I will have to make shorter bolts in the 1 1/8 bar clamps done it tons of times before I just grind a flat on a Allen head bolt.
  11. darrin hill

    New 250f Owner - Need Help

    A couple of thousands is not going to hurt a thing at all .. The rest r fine so your fine. Them bikes r hard starting no matter how perfect they r .. I'm a machinist and that's not going to come into play. Change your oil all the time that's more important and a clean air filter . Tire pressure u got other fish to fry than that value ..
  12. I'm building a 97 cr125 from the ground up . I'm going to put 2013-16 front fender and number plate on . I really want the shourds and sides to match the new red.. Can this be done ???? Please help .. I'm going to run these graphics really want today's red ..