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  1. I kinda thought maybe iit might be a Hodaka. But was in for sure. Thanks for the info too. Like I said I will post more post of the whole bike tomorrow.
  2. I just bought a 80cc two stroke bike. But can’t figure out what brand it is. So may someone could give me idea what brand it is. I will post more photos of it tomorrow of the whole bike. Thanks
  3. I just got a 2016 500rs Tuesday. I just installed a Cyclops l.e.d headlight bulb. I was wondering if anyone on here has found a way to make or to adjust the headlight aim. So that I can raise the beam up. Also if anyone else has installed a Cyclops led bulb. How did u go about seal it to keep water and dirt out. Also how as it worked for you. I did for get to mention that I am new to the forum and new to riding a beta. I work on bikes and atv for a living and the shop I work for is also a beta dealer. Thanks Eric