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    2012 Rincon Fair Price

    Rincon Its not allowing me to add pics, does anyone know how to?
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    2012 Rincon Fair Price

    Hopefully it was a good deal… Because now I own it
  3. Found for sell a 2012 Honda Rincon, 200 miles, 20 hours. The ad said it was in excellent condition with no scratches or blemishes. I went to check it out and there were some minor blemishes, really not a huge deal but would have been nice to have that disclosed in the ad. However I did look at some new ones at the local dealership which also had blemishes so I'm not too concerned about that. I test drove it and mechanically it's great. One of my concerns was having a five-year-old ATV sit for so long without maintenance but I am assuming a tuneup will wash away any issues that could have caused. That said, the machine is in near new condition. The gentleman who owns it bought it brand-new and his buddies who he rides with in Colorado each year upgraded to UTVs that same year. He said after one weekend with them he got tired of waiting for them to stay up, upgraded as well, and has not rode the Rincon since. I have done lots of business on Craigslist and he is one of the more respectable guys I've met and I have no concerns with the validity of his story. Only modification is a set of wheels and tires he added which he show me the receipt on and paid about 800 bucks. The ATV was 9200 off the floor so he has about 10,000 in the bike. He was asking 6500 but I expressed concerns over some of the minor blemishes and scratches that had not been disclosed and after some conversation he said his rock-bottom price is 4500. This seems like a good deal, but here is where I get confused. I attempted to look up the bluebook value and both sources I used (KBB/NADA) do not take into account mileage. Talked to a local dealer about this who said mileage does not impact value, only the year does. Not being a dealer, I completely disagree. As with all vehicles, mileage accounts for wear and tear. I do understand that it's more about how the miles were put on the machine but still don't think the mileage should be a nonfactor in assessing value. This is almost enough for me to not even venture into the ATV market with all the unknowns. Suggested dealer retail for this machine is 6000 and trade-in is 4000. Doesn't give a private party but I assume somewhere between those numbers depending on the condition. That said, do you feel the $4500 is a reasonable price for the ride? Sorry for the long post, new to the market and the more research I do the more confused I become, not nearly as simplistic as the market when I was growing up. Thanks for any advice!