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  1. Anyone know where I can find pannier bag racks for a 2007 klx250s? I can find them everywhere for the 2009+ but they are nowhere to be found for the pre 2009 models. Thanks!
  2. Once again I need your expertise. What are the pros and cons of using the enduro version of a bike as a dual sport? In other words...my intended use for a bike is truly dual sport, but don't enduro's perform better as far as weight, power and suspension, etc? Why not purchase a wr250f, wr450f, crf250x, crf450x, klx250r, or klx450r and make it street legal? What are the differences between the enduro versions and the dual sport versions? Are the maintenance intervals on the enduro's more frequent? Do they have more maintenance issues? Are the frames incapable of supporting as much weight? On and on...
  3. I am looking for a street legal dual sport bike in the 200-450 range. I'm guessing that 250 is ideally where I want to be. Obviously lighter is better. But I don't want to break the bank either. I could spend up to $4000 but less is better. Pretty sure I won't be getting any orange bikes. I'm 155lbs 5'6" with 30" inseam. I am fully aware that many people will say that I don't need to be able to get both feet on the ground but I want to be able to at least get the balls of both feet down. I am 40 year old. Experienced mountain biker. I currently have my second motorcycle and first dual sport. It is a DR650. I love the seat height but it is too big and heavy to have very much fun off road. I have taken it on single track and was able to manage but that's about it. I have learned that single track & trail riding is what I'm really in to, although most of my riding will probably be double track and fire lanes. I also want it to be street legal but it doesn't have to be great on the highway. I live in indiana where the off road opportunities are limited to off road "parks," however I am close to Michigan and would like to do some riding up there. I test drove a XT250...boring. I test drove a KLX250S...better. The KLX had little acceleration to start off in each gear then it had a "surge" where it finally seemed to get some power. Is that normal for KLX's? Haven't been on a CRF250L yet. I'm interested in trying a 1998-1999 DR350. Would like to try a XT225 because I heard they have a little more spunk than the XT250. I think a DRZ400 will be too tall, heavy and top heavy at that. Prefer electric start. I think it will be difficult to find a WR250r in my price range. It may be too tall anyways. Does anyone know if they can be lowered to around 32 or 34 inch seat height with a lower seat and lowering links, etc? Or is that unrealistic? I have also heard that the WRs require more maintenance. Not that its unreliable, but requires more frequent PM, etc. I'm not much of a mechanic so it needs to be very reliable. What is the reliability of the CRF250L like? I think after purchasing this smaller dual sport bike I'm going to buy a more street biased adventure bike like a NC700X or something. That's most of the reason why I want it to be as inexpensive as possible. I haven't been on a DR200 or Yamaha/Honda 230 either. Are they usually slower or quicker than 250cc bikes? What other options should I be considering? Are there any other options in the 400cc range (other than tall and expensive bikes)? Wow! I really rambled a lot. Thanks for your help!