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  1. Got a ktm 200 xcw 2012. Its a very nice bike. With 190 hours, Its been fairly reliable, but not problem free. It got pretty good overall and usable power and its easy to manoeuver in tight and technical trail. I still like the bike alot, but feel I could use a bit more power down low and for the more open section. I paid 5900$ for it with 1.5 hours on it 4 years ago from a dealer. I think you should try to get the price down or look for a 250 with less hours. May I ask, why do you want a 200 specificly? btw, part are easy to get so far.
  2. I wouldnt worry. 2 stroke oil is 2 stroke oil...just run the right ratio. Its probably meant to be run at around 50:1 or less.
  3. Personnaly, from my limited experience, i would not hesitate to keep running it to atleast 100 hours. It look fine to me. Not much wear, but it does seem dry in term of oil. The piston should be shiny imo.
  4. Perception and expectation...it sure is slow by street bike standard. Its meant to be that way.
  5. I use that on my ktm 200 xcw. First gear was really hard to use before, but now, i can be alot more precise in the technical stuff. It made the bike alot better in the slow stuff. In fact, It really help on the first 3 gears to give just the right throttle input. Wouldnt go back
  6. Seem very fine. Xr 650l are not powerhouse. If your bike run right, just ride it and have fun. Its enough to ask to these bike.
  7. I have the same bike as you. Might wanna check your jetting and switch to a lower flash point oil. I run motorex 40:1 with jd jetting kit, blue needle on 3th clip position. Bike just run perfect!
  8. Its not that much if not abused. I would still change the piston since you dont know how it was ridden and if its the right number of hours.
  9. On a 150, you will lack the bottom end power imo. Even more so as a beginner, as controlable and predictable power is in the low rpm in 2 stroke. Better get a bigger bore or a 4 stroke.
  10. My rider buddy has a 2012 wr450f with a Maxxis desert IT 120/100-18 tire. It fit perfectly. Good tire. Good traction everywhere and long lasting.
  11. Everything look good. Slap a another piston and keep riding!
  12. Yeah putting around may cause spooge. The 200 xcw are known to be jetted very rich stock. The bike then doesnt run hot enough to completly burn the oil in the combustion chamber. It end up coming out the exhaust. The spark plug ger dirty too and you can have idling problem. I personnaly use motorex at 40:1. I change the piston at 100 hours with normal expected wears. Just a little spooge is not a problem if the bike is running great though.
  13. Stock, the jetting is very rich. Mine was spooging slot too. Ive put a jd jetting kit in my 2012 200 xcw. Leaned the blue needle one notch from there recommandation. No more spooge and the bike run phenomenal.
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