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  1. Thank you!
  2. Does the 38 mm carb fit straight on the 200 xcw? Thinking about giving it a go
  3. Never used them, but know a few guy that got there cylinder replated there. All were happy with it.
  4. My ktm 200 xcw piston was first changed at 97 hours. It could have gone longer some said. Its here The new one has 40 hours as of now. Still look good through the exhaust port. Plan to change it after 90 hours.
  5. Xr 650L. Heavy but can go anywhere an xr 250l can.
  6. If it was running fine before you took it apart, i would just run it. Sand it a bit and put that back together. Its just my opinion though
  7. I would just start the thing without worrying at all. Let it idle for a few minute
  8. The size depend on the hours the bike as. It come stock with a A piston, then you go for a B size. Eventually, you put a C. Get a B size vertex piston and call it a day.
  9. Bigger bore suck in more air, but the ratio of fuel/air stay the same.
  10. Look totally normal. My bike smoke more than that on cold start
  11. I think ive found the issue...when I rejetted the bike, I used a scotch tape to hold the float up while I was changing the jet. Long story short, I forgot to remove it. Its was in the bowl. Probably intermittently block the jet...sorry for the trouble guy
  12. So yeah. I changed the CDI and it was not the issue. I will explore the carb and try to see if its not a slosh baffle issue... can you just remove it?
  13. The one I putted in was the same as the one I took out. Im not sure what kind it is. Good info though. Did the a ride today and it was fine. Will replace the cdi, then explore that if the bog is still there.
  14. Thank you for the reply. I will check that out
  15. Hi, ive revently bought a 2005 650L. It needed rejetting. Ive desnorkeled it and desmogged it aswell. It ran really well for a while. Recently, it started to bog. Its still running really well most of the time, but there and there, it die. It will restart, but die as soon as I give it throttle. Then everything is fine for a while. I also notice that it sometime, intemittently, bog down low, but without dying. Seem like a really lean condition, but my jetting is alright. Its happening more and more often. Ive ordered a new CDI. Any other thing I should check for?