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  1. Kage5001

    Ktm 50 2003 kick start spring

    Does anybody have any experience with installing the aping for the kickstart on a 2003 50sx seems to be a complete nightmare I spent about 2 hrs trying to fit it with no joy any help would be appreciated
  2. Complete nightmare spent 2 hrs last night trying to install this kickstart spring what a bi#ch!!!!! Any help would be appreciated if there is an easier way to doing this Ktm manual says its goes in like this very simple !!!!! Don't think so !!!!!!
  3. Kage5001

    Ktm 50 sx pro junior 2003

    Hi can any body tell me or show me a picture of how the throttle cable on the Ktm 50 sx junior 2003 should be routed thanks
  4. Kage5001

    KTM 50 junior 2003 hi revs on start up

    Thanks still bill I've started putting less oil now and it's still spitting oil out the exhaust ! I've stripped the carb and soaked them on carb cleaner the internals over night and routed the cable differently it's much better !! But still have the issue of the black oil coming from the exhaust ?
  5. Hi need some help with a couple of things with my lads KTM 50 junior ! I've had it for about a month now it's a nice little bike and goes well just a few little issues I'm concern about first one being on start up it seems to rev very high ? I've cleaned the carb lubed the cable and it's still doing it! I've noticed a slight kink by the slider and tried to straighten this but still seems the same??? Also does any body know the proper route for the cable? Second issue I'm getting a lot of black oil coming from the header and at the back of the exhaust I've tried putting a leaner mix of fuel also moved the needle clip up and down a notch this doesn't seem to do a lot.. Any ideas would be help full thanks