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  1. hunterw60

    GYTR tuner

    Lmao will do thanks guys for the info, I'm going to go get one.
  2. hunterw60

    GYTR tuner

    So you think the power commander is a better tuner? More versatile?
  3. hunterw60

    GYTR tuner

    Just like the above post, if it has no concern to you don't reply? If you don't have info on the topic don't reply?? It's easier to keep scrolling then stop and be a douche for no reason what so ever? It's my 8000$ and my 200$ if I wanna know about how it works and if it's worth it, it's not ur concern unless you want to help me by simply saying it works good or you don't like it ect....
  4. hunterw60

    GYTR tuner

    What is the &%$#@!ing problem with asking questions? That's the point of the forms you &%$#@!tard. I don't get why some of you people feel the need to be &%$#@! for no reason? If it doesn't concern you then DONT reply or if you don't want to tell someone something JUST DONT REPLY!!! Instead of making your self out to be a ass just DONT REPLY?!?!? There's no point in acting like a high school kid??
  5. hunterw60

    GYTR tuner

    Opinions on the GYTR tuner? Is it worth it? What's the pros and cons? Can you really tell a difference in power? What are your thoughts. Thanks
  6. I have a 15 yz250f what kinda turners are you guys using? I'd like to have one.
  7. You wouldn't happen to be from Louisiana?
  8. hunterw60

    KX250F not running right. Please help!

    Sounds like the timing is off. Check the timing, if it's off there's a good chance you have a bent valve.
  9. hunterw60

    The technique or secret to ruts

    Yeah I've been told to look ahead. It's hard I freak out because there so deep...
  10. Can anyone tell me the technique or a secret to ripping through ruts? I can handle small ruts kinda good. This weekend at the track we ride the ruts were about knee deep, and I was struggling just to get around the track... Thanks in advance.
  11. hunterw60

    should the engine timing plug leak oil?

    It's just because the oil level is as high or higher then the plug. Just either let the oil come out or leave the bike on the opposing side and the oil won't come out. If any does come out, when your done just check the oil level and add oil if needed
  12. hunterw60


    Go to a track and follow other guys that are jumping the jumps and go the same speed as them. Tell them your trying to jump and that u want to jump beside them or behind and just keep the same speed as the other guys
  13. hunterw60

    Best sand tires?

    I have a 2016 yz250f and my girlfriend has a 07 crf150r I'm looking for the best sand tires I can find for the front and back. I know for the back its gonna be a paddle tire but is one better then others? Let me know what y'all think is the best. Thanks
  14. hunterw60

    Mylers supercool radiators

    Those are nice! But I just called they don't make them for my bike... [emoji24][emoji24]
  15. hunterw60

    Anyone Running AvGas vs Race Fuel?

    Would it be safe to run avgas is a stock 4stroke motor? Just curious. I have a 2016 yz250f