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  1. Probably the dumbest thing I've bought for the bike by far....a new kill switch. Why? 'Cause I lost the stupid metal clip that holds it to the handlebars. Oh yes I already tried zip ties...I'm very good at zip ties but I was chasing the kill switch around the handlebars like I was chasing someone who stole my AMEX card.
  2. No worries. You actually got me to the solution. There's 2 kind of people, those that think how you got to the conclusion is as important as the conclusion itself or those that don't give a damn how you got to the conclusion, its the conclusion that's important. I'm the latter. Which probably explains why I'm terrible with math.
  3. Manual cam chain tensioner... actually I didn't buy it today. I ordered it a few weeks ago and it finally arrived today. Well I guess I'll be putting that on this weekend.
  4. That's what I'm going to do. Your instructions are very clear and I understand exactly how to hook it up. Zip ties are not a problem I have plenty of experience with them . Thanks for the help!
  5. You are correct about the Tusk harness. I did connect the 2 wires to test my assumption that the missing switch was my issue and everything worked. So the lack of a switch was the root cause. I definitely like the idea of a relay instead of another switch that I will have to remember to manually turn off. I prefer all the power shutting off with the ignition key. So is the relay similar to the flasher relay? I appreciate any help!!
  6. I don't have a test light. I have traced the wiring diagram from the bike to those of the tusk parts and everything is connected correctly. Unless there's a loose connection somewhere, it should only impact that part unless the control switch is faulty. I think ultimately your response answered my question. I have to buy the switch. Right now I have nothing controlling the power to the master switch so basically other than the Tusk harness coming off the battery to the control switch there's nothing controlling that power, so it sounds like it is an open circuit and the on/off switch will close it when in the on position. I wish I could explain it better. Well damn, I was hoping to save space on my bars by not having it.
  7. So without the on/off switch, did you leave the 2 red wires on the harness for the on/off switch unplugged or did you join them together?
  8. Sorry, I have a 2004 DRZ400E Cali model. This probably won't make any sense at all. I have very little wiring knowledge which is why I bought Tusk brand turn signals, switches, relay and harness. The only thing not Tusk is the tail light.... Its almost as if anything plugged into the Tusk wiring harness is not getting power. Like a circuit isn't closed. The only place part this doesn't hold water is the headlight. The headlight gets its power from the stock wiring harness, however, the control switch gets it power from the Tusk harness which operates high/low beam. This works fine. The tail light, turn signals, horn get their power from the tusk harness and none of them work. If I plug the tail light into the stock harness, it works fine. If the stock harness had a brake light function I'd leave it plugged into the stock harness. I know I can use diodes and resistors to make a brake light function on the stock wiring but I don't like cutting stock wiring so I opted for the tusk harness to simplify things. Its almost like there's an open circuit preventing power from the tusk harness. ' According to the Rocky Mountain ATV Tusk harness wiring diagram & switch wiring diagram, the horn has no polarity. So if its plugged into the wires from the switch labeled horn, and the switch horn is plugged into the horn wires of the Tusk wiring harness (which it is) the horn should work but it doesn't. Since the Tusk kit has an on/off switch in addition to the control switch I was thinking that the on/off switch might close a circuit that sends power from the Tusk harness to the parts plugged into it. I'm grasping at straws because this doesn't make sense to use a switch to route power since the ignition should do that. I was just looking for feedback from folks who have installed the Tusk lighting kit to see whether or not they installed the on/off switch on a bike that already has a functioning kill switch. I assumed the on/off switch was only to be used in place of a non existing kill switch which is why I didn't buy it.
  9. I installed a Tusk lighting wiring harness and compact control switch to taillight, headlight, horn and Tusk signals I already have. The headlight works fine but the taillight, horn and signals do not. I've looked for loose connection or a wiring issue but I can't find anything that would prevent them from working. I looked at the Tusk lighting kit at Rocky Mountain ATV and I noticed they include an on/off switch in addition to the compact control switch. I didn't think I needed this since the bike already has a kill switch. Anyone know if this is required for the other functions to work? I tried chat with Rocky Mountain ATV but got an ambiguous answer. I have this switch; I don't have this one;
  10. Nothing fancy, just spade wire connectors. After finishing all the Tusk wiring harness connections, I couldn't find a place to mount the horn where the wiring would reach. I need to extend the wiring another 14" to mount on the radiator.
  11. Thanks for the tip! I wish I asked first . I probably would have gotten the other 3 things done on my list. Lesson learned.
  12. My DRZ was fighting back today. I managed to complete 1-1/2 of the 5 tasks I had planned. Installed handguards which took over an hour. And the total b!@#$ of the day, a new front braided brake line. Tried to bleed brake by myself... big mistake! The reservoir is so small I must have filled it 50 times and after about 2 hours, the air is finally out of the line. The rear brake line was too long so have to return for shorter one. I'm putting a brake pressure switch on the rear, anyone else have a 400E where the pressure switch gets in the way of mounting hole for the reservoir? I might just ziptie it to something.
  13. Thanks man! I've been looking for templates the last couple of weeks and I couldn't find any.
  14. Good point, I'll definitely take your advise and make sure they aren't near the tire. I'm putting new tires on it which will be bad enough for the first few miles but turning into slicks is not what I have in mind.