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  1. Poptart

    2005 KX250F Kickstart Seal leak

    Well. With my own legwork and help from a friend at a local shop. The part number is 92049A. Hopefully this will help in someone else's endeavours in the future or google search.
  2. Poptart

    Should I rejet my CVK40?

    Looks like a good setup. I'm not a complete wizard. But it would point me to the pilot jet. Perhaps as a cheap trial, the purchase of a 42 and 45 pilot jet may clear it up. Like said. Not a wizard but thats the direction it would point me to! Good luck!
  3. Poptart

    2005 KX250F Kickstart Seal leak

    Hey guys. Been a real fan of the forums for ages. Looking to pick your brains as i'm after a part. Picked up a 2005 KX250F knowing it had a small leak in the kick start seal. The problem is i'm looking for a site to buy or a part number. The dealership given me a water pump seal which obviously isn't the right part. The seal of course goes on the side case where the kickstart shaft comes through. It has a spring in it and a copper(ish) case around it. I have seen many posts or videos but sourcing one has been a doozy. Especially since I work all day till the dealerships close. Many thanks in advance and hope to help and join in other topics as well! Cheers!