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  1. Thank you! It was fairly simple, just wrapped and zip tied the wire around the spark plug wire, and mounted the meter to my frame up near the shrouds.
  2. Ahh yeah my bad, I started out posting here during my '98 YZ250 rebuild, however that's since been finished.
  3. Added an hour meter/tach and few comfort goodies to my new '16 YZ450F Anniversary edition. Engine is almost broken in!
  4. areeda94

    Yamaha YZ450F (2016)


    New bike, currently about 2 hours on the 450!
  5. areeda94

    Yamaha YZ450F 2016

    New bike, currently about 2 hours on the 450!
  6. areeda94

    FMF Racing Fatty Pipe

    5 stars
  7. areeda94

    Plastic conversion- 2005 YZ450F

    Just realized I screwed up the title, bike is in fact a 2004, not 2005.
  8. Hey everyone, so recently I traded my '01 Honda 400EX for an '04 Yamaha YZ450F, and the old plastics need replacing, as well as I'm looking to update the look a bit. Anyone have experience swapping the plastics for per say 2011+ model year? Is this even possible? I've been looking around but haven't found much info on any forums, so I figured I'd ask the pro's on here. Any help or advice is appreciated!
  9. areeda94

    1998 YZ250 Swing Arm Bolt Stuck

    Finished the rest today [emoji106]
  10. Finally together, put the chain on today [emoji106] 1998 YZ250
  11. Thankfully I was able to get it through this morning, didn't check that I had the right sized collar in the new case half I put on, had to heat and beat it out for a good hour, but all is well now lol hopefully I can post some finished pictures of the bike tomorrow before work!
  12. areeda94

    1998 YZ250 Swing Arm Bolt Stuck

    Engine is mounted up, radiators, carb, and airbox in, hopefully I can finish the bike tomorrow! Pictures to come tonight or tomorrow morning.
  13. areeda94

    1998 YZ250 Swing Arm Bolt Stuck

    SUCCESS. Got the old one into the new case. Now, to mount the engine up.
  14. areeda94

    1998 YZ250 Swing Arm Bolt Stuck

    Yeah rookie mistake, shoulda listened to ya lol the heat and beat method worked on my old one, now to get out the other one..
  15. areeda94

    1998 YZ250 Swing Arm Bolt Stuck

    Alright guys so I pulled the engine back out, looks like I'm getting stuck on this collar, the one in the new case I receive is too narrow. How do I go about freeing the collar so I can pop it out? I have the old case half as well so I can salvage the other one.