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  1. NyMeTsFaN912

    Didn't ride my bike for a month and now it won't stay on!

    Maybe your friend ran it the entire time will full choke and it fouled the plug?
  2. NyMeTsFaN912

    Paint job

    If the job doesn't look good just go with an aftermarket plastic kit. Super cheap and you can get some graphics to make it pop.
  3. NyMeTsFaN912

    2016 DRZ400s Mods!

    Are you the guy who posted yesterday from NJ? If so I live in NJ too n just bought a 2016 as well.
  4. NyMeTsFaN912

    Sourthern NJ Enforcement

    So I went down to the Pine Barrens today from Edison. I typed Wharton State forest into my GPS and it took me to the Atsion entrance. I didn't know I would need cash to enter and only had my debit card so I said F it, and started looking for all the dirt entrances off of 206 I passed on my way there. Why were there signs everywhere that motor vehicles are prohibited? I thought this place was legal for plated vehicles?! Where the hell do I go to ride?
  5. Sounds like the ground?
  6. Well it depends on what type of riding you plan on doing. Any hardcore off-road I would go with a more heavy duty tube, but the OEM one should be just fine for normal use.
  7. NyMeTsFaN912

    New DRZ Skid plate

    I just installed the Moose carbon fiber skid plate. The biggest PITA to install but it fits great once u finally figure it out. They say it's stronger than aluminum and it dampens engine noise that metal would reflect. I have the 2016 S model.
  8. NyMeTsFaN912


    LOL Exactly.
  9. Grip puppies. Best way I've found yet and they preserve the life of your grips.
  10. NyMeTsFaN912


    You do realize this question has been asked by thousands of people and there is a whole thread dedicated to this topic. Everyone has their preferences. No one can tell you what you will like except you. Do some research on google and make an educated decision.
  11. NyMeTsFaN912

    Shaving flywheel drz 400

    How much can shaving down really gain you in HP? This seems like the idea and gains of reducing to a 520 pitch chain on a sport bike. Very little gains only noticeable on the track ridden by a pro.
  12. NyMeTsFaN912

    First true legal ride....

    I'm the same way as you with the blinkers. I find myself hitting the release so much some times that I'll hit it after a sharp turn or even after speed bumps for some reason. It's just habit and I guess I associate both with what's involved with turning.
  13. NyMeTsFaN912

    eline carbon fiber skid plate install...???

    Very helpful. Thank you for taking your time out to help me!
  14. NyMeTsFaN912

    Moose E-line carbon fiber skid plate

    Thanks Monk! You're most helpful!
  15. NyMeTsFaN912

    Moose E-line carbon fiber skid plate

    thanks for the quick reply but I still don't get it. There are two off set holes in the front of the plate and one in the rear. The rear is common sense as it bolts right up. The hook brackets are not lining up to anything and make no sense. I need to see a photo because they don't have a place I can't find to put them.