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  1. To install a key ignition on the crf450r, There are 4 wire to the kill switch. when the two with the stripes touch, the bike will not start. wire these into a 2 wire keyed ignition
  2. 1. I know what Electric components do. For a brake light on any bike. You need either a basic mechanical brake switch(5 bucks) or if you have hydrolic brakes, get the Banjo bolt hydrolic brake switch(10 bucks) it replaces the bolt on your rear brake master cylinder. Both switches only have 2 wires. 2. Then find a resistor diode, break open a 9, 12, 14 volt DC Power supply that you don't need. it dosn't matter if it works or not., grab a diode. with pair of plyers and use a soldering iron on the welds until it breaks free. if you have alot of diodes. Use one that is about the size of a grain of rice with 4 rings and enough lead wire on both end to solder between the two wires on your brakes switch. 3. Take the positive wire coming off you stator, or generator or battery or wherever. solder it to one end of your diode , then come off the other side of your diode to your taillight, If it is bright enough, use it. or you may want to try a different diode. then Take the two wire on the brake switch and solder them to both side of you diode 4 If you picked a good diode. your taillight be just dimmed enough after going through the resistor diode but when you activate the switch with the rear brake lever. the brake light will be brightest because the current will be routed around the diode through the brake switch.
  3. John Derry

    Honda CRF450R (2009)


    lots of power, sweet auto clutch
  4. John Derry

    Honda CRF450R 2009

    lots of power, sweet auto clutch
  5. I want to save somebody some money and time I have a 2009 crf450r and had a hard time finding a lighting kit and a good price or at all. If your bike is fuel injected. It already has a regulator/rectifier. I already had the flywheel so I bought a 70 watt stator for 129 from trail tech and re-routed the wireing and plugged it right into the 6 prong factory connector. and have 70 watts for lighting. Constant powerful lights at any rpm. Halogen, Led, bulbs of any type work becouse you have the generator already. runs great too. You can spend 129 this way or waste up to 500 on kit. If you need a taillight, simply run a bypass wire off a brake pressure switch and a constant light wire through a diode to have a running light. to have a full power brake light. Am Bingo