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  1. Now that's what I'm talking about (not totally on board with the HD however). Best sound I've ever heard was "Strega" performing a solo demo flight. When he dropped the hammer and made a 500+mph pass, it was nothing less than amazing. Second best sound ever was when MC would do a hot lap in a stadium during opening ceremonies for SX on his factory CR250. The sound of a single two stroke echoing throughout a stadium is so crisp!
  2. 1999 YZ250 with a "Works" Pro Circuit pipe and silencer. Best sounding bike I've ever ridden? Pedro Gonzalez's 1995 NCY "Long-Rod" YZ250 with Bill's pipe and shorty silencer. He rode it at the Daytona SX. NCY had it at Mammoth for the Mags to review. I was supposed to ride my brother-in-laws 250, but Tim at NCY offered it up to me (since they were my primary sponsor) when he heard I was gonna be riding both classes. It was awesome!
  3. Jbone187

    2015 KX 450 Flame out issue

    Hopefully someone chimes in here. I recently bought a 2012 and it does the same thing. Very annoying to have it die in a tight corner or worse yet, in the air over a big jump. I've almost gone over the bars because I needed to land with heavy throttle. I've triple checked the clutch and there's no way it's an issue with the clutch not being fully pulled in. The bike has Yoshi slip on silencer. I'm thinking it's a lean condition, so I'm trying to figure out how I can tune it or have it tuned. This EFI stuff is new to me so I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do. I'm also thinking about getting an intake cam from a 2011,2013-2015 to smooth out the low end of the power band. This thing has the throttle feel of a light switch, and I'm running the mellow "tune plug". It's okay on a track like Glen Helen, but it's a bear on tight tracks!
  4. Jbone187

    how big is the jump from a 250mm front rotor to a 270mm?

    I recently bought a used 2012 KX450f. I ran a Braking 270mm kit on my 06 YZ450f and 99 YZ250 because I can't stand weak brakes. My Kawi obviously was underpowered in the brake department so my first upgrade had to be an oversized front rotor kit. After looking over all the options I decided to go with the EBC Contour kit. Price was reasonable and I figured the extra diameter (280mm) couldn't hurt since the bike is so heavy. I also went with EBC MXS pads. I honestly couldn't be happier. I'm going to bleed the line and see if it stiffens up the lever feel. If not, I may order a SS braided line. The feel isn't too bad, but I like a real solid feel. To more specifically answer your question, no, a 270mm rotor will not be "too much".