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    Priming the oil injection system?

    run the rpms up it should pump right away. Shouldn't need to prime it. Put some pre mix in to test it. ECU sends slow pulses to the oil pump when idling. You can see it pulse faster when you twist the throttle. Just barely sips the oil when idling. I had 40km on my 2017 300rr when the ECU stopped sending that pulse signal to the pump. Dealer replaced the ECU.
  2. MorePaint

    Still learnging...

    Looks like great trails there!
  3. 14years old- Riding in a train tunnel under a canal. Ride between the tracks, and the wall. The tunnel was about 600m long and curved(couldn't see the other side)... Now I think. No Wayyy. Did it quite a bit as it was on the way to the trails...