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  1. Sashi De

    spark arrestor for kx450 (2016)

    nice! Do you recommend FMFs?
  2. Sashi De

    spark arrestor for kx450 (2016)

    Thanks a lot XtremeDuners. I saw the pro moto billet end cap but it didnt go up to my year (2016) so wasn't sure if it would fit! I'm looking at the Yoshimura RS-4 system, which begs a new question, is it worth getting a full system over a slip on?
  3. Sashi De

    spark arrestor for kx450 (2016)

    Hey guys, new to dirt biking in general so learning as I go. I'd love to hit up the trails but the first thing is getting a spark arrestor on.. I'm not looking to do a full exhaust upgrade, but just the cap change, what are my options? Is the install hard/easy? Would really appreciate some advice. Thanks!