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    Kx250f only starts at full throttle

    Here's my problem. I have a 2011 KX250F with very low hours. It had been sitting in the garage for about a month. Took it out to a local track yesterday and only got 2 laps out of it and it suddenly quit. Nothing had been changed on the bike. Normal ride preps. I did siphon the pump gas out of the tank and put in some 110 race fuel. I don't use the race gas as often as pump gas. Too expensive for me. Anyway, I Started it up and let it idle for a few minutes before I loaded it on the trailer. Got to the track and started riding and then it happened. Gave no warning. Coming up to big tabletop and it cut off right before takeoff. Would not start back. Took it home, changed the spark plug but wouldn't start. Turned it to full throttle and it started. Sounded fine. Let it idle for a minute and as soon as I gave it a little throttle it shut off. Would only start back at full throttle. Can rev it all the way to rev limiter but if it idles for a bit, it will shut off as soon as throttle is turned. I've checked all electrical connections and everything is good. Haven't had a chance to give it a good going over. Just wondering if anyone has had this problem as well and what fixed it. I was thinking that something may have got into the fuel tank when I changed the fuel or the injector may be partially clogged. Any ideas would be appreciated.