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  1. skierajk

    YZ250X Burn Pattern

    The piston looks similar. The carbon build-up is on the exhaust side.
  2. skierajk

    YZ250X Burn Pattern

    Any idea why half the head is mocha and the other half is heavy with carbon build-up?
  3. skierajk

    YZ250X Burn Pattern

    I haven’t thoroughly checked it for pits. I wanted to take some pics before cleaning the head. However, I would say it is mainly carbon buildup.
  4. skierajk

    YZ250X Burn Pattern

    Hi guys, first post here. So excuse me if I miss-post, can’t attach an image or screw-up otherwise. Can anyone explain the burn pattern on the cylinder head? Background - 2017 YZ250X, 50 hours on it, no performance upgrades except a Flywheel weight. The stock squish is not adjusted. It ran rich from day 1. It did foul a plug or two until I got a better hold of the jetting. It probably ran ‘excessively rich’ first 10 hours, then ‘moderately rich’ another 20 hours. On a side note, I’ve recently switched to a RK Tek Head. I’m just curious about the burn pattern. I’ve attached pictures to this post. Thanks for any useful information.
  5. skierajk

    Yz250x oem pipe guard

    I have a 2017 YZ250x with the P3 carbon guard. The fit is close, but not perfect. I wish it had more coverage ( like at the '6 o'clock' position). It has taken 2 or 3 decent hits so far and remains intact.