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  1. Looks like it's time to move Looks like it's time to move
  2. KoaKool

    2015 KTM 500EXC v. 2016 WR450

    Did you make a decision on this? I'm in the same exact boat, except I'm looking at older bikes too down to 2012. If you did, I'm just curious what pushed you over on your decision?
  3. I know this has been covered on here to an extent but I'm looking for more specific experienced advise. I just sold my plated 07' WR 450. I loved it. I had a Dr. D full exhaust, Rekluse, Pro Taper tall bars and DPR stabilizer, along with some other mods. It was super reliable and I rode it hard. I never neglected the bike, but maintenance seemed to consist of very little and I appreciated that. I'm a big guy 6' 275 lbs. I'm an intermediate rider and have ridden on and off for 20 years. I ride mostly desert and Baja. A lot of single track and sometimes the woods. I just wanted to get something newer with fuel injection. I used the plate sometimes but very rarely. I cannot decide between these two bikes. I fear the new WR will feel too small on the trails for my frame. I think this stems from having ridden a 2014 YZ 250. I know they are completely different bikes. I've only sat on a 2016 WR 450 and the ergos seem OK. To compare I feel like the Honda 450x feels really small when I ride them. I have ridden the XC-W and really liked it. The ergos seemed good and the big bore felt good for my weight. I just fear the reliability and I am having trouble justifying the cost. I know everything can be customized to my fit on either bike, but I'd like to do as little as possible up front if I go new. I'm looking at used too. I guess my real question is do I need the KTM for my size and weight? I know springs may be needed either way. Are there better years after 2012 for either bike? I know the 16' WR has a new motor. Right now dealerships by me have leftover 2015 WRs at $6500 and a 2015 XC-W at $9800. I'm really torn.