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  1. I believe the clutch is stock. I tried some motul 10-40 and it didn't help. Then I tried reducing oil level to middle of sight glass and that seems to be helping somewhat. Will test more and see.
  2. I'm now thinking that this problem is caused by a draggin clutch. It has a lot of residual drive when pulled all in. I've inspected all parts and bled it to death and still drags. Not sure what else I can do other than try different oils or get an auto clutch. I read that euro formula Mobil 0-40 is different than American formula 0-40 so I may try that. Maybe some MC specific 5-40 as well.
  3. Yeah that might be it. How could I determine that? How does a shift fork get bent?
  4. This has been an issue since I got the bike and I thought it was me but I'm now thinking something wrong. If I hold the lever hard it will click into second but just accelerating hard and banging the gear I often get neutral which is super annoying. Any thoughts? It's a 2012 SMR511