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  1. Hugh Jasoule

    New project XL175, just shoot me.

    Yeah the pe28 is a two stroke carb so while it starts and runs great, I’m not sure if it will ever run right now. So I might try to source stock parts. Lectron would be neat but not warranted I don’t think.
  2. Hugh Jasoule

    New project XL175, just shoot me.

    Wow thank you this is fantastic!
  3. Hugh Jasoule

    New project XL175, just shoot me.

    Anyone know factory engine oil caps on this bike? It had about 2qts. In it. Also is the dipstick checked with bike level on wheels? Ie, not on side stand. Also so if anyone has a legible electrical diagram for this bike I’d like to see it.
  4. Hugh Jasoule

    New project XL175, just shoot me.

    Cool thanks. Little pricey for this project, but not unreasonable for what it is.
  5. Hugh Jasoule

    New project XL175, just shoot me.

    Neighbor said he had a parts carb that might work, a Keith in pe28. Slapped it on and it seems to run like a champ. Started first kick and responded well to revs by me pulling on the cable by hand lol. So freebie and that’s pretty cool. Will see if it revs out like it should, I put a 40 idle jet and a 125 main, the smallest ones we had. Did some welding on the seat mounts too so lot of progress after just 24hrs from landing. Next tighten up electrical, mount license plate. Need to source a hi/lo switch, a mirror or two, maybe a folding type. Are there any retro styled folding mirrors?
  6. Who among us ever, EVER, needed another project..? CERTAINLY NOT ME. but, I couldn’t help it. This old girl was on CL and I talked myself out at $700. Seller bent my ear with $600 and I offered $500, and now it’s in my garage. Seems to have been very well cared for, or at least well ignored. 3200 mi on the clock and it shows like much less in terms of dirt, grease, and dents. Pros: looks amazing for 45 yr old bike. Tank is perfect, forks look great, overall zero corrosion. Must’ve been stored in heated garage. Came with my state plate and a title! New parts include low rise alloy bars, tires, levers, cables, shocks, headlamp, seat, chain, throttle, fork seals, battery, cons: needs new carb or some carb parts to repair it, wiring is a bit buggered but not bad. The previous owners tried to sort the carb issue by buying a new Mikuni to replace the Keihin but the new carb is much too large and unless it can be tuned down I don’t think it’s suiatble. He said it was running but getting way too much fuel. The stock Keihin seems to be a bit odd and a little rare. This one is missing slide, spring and cap, and a few other small parts but maybe it’s salvageable? Maybe a new carb of different style is the best way to go. Anyone have any suggestions or a used carb up for sale/trades? I want to make it look as trimmed down as possible somwas considering eliminating the 6v battery but looking into it more it seems that this isn’t super logical if I want to keep it streetable which I do. So maybe I will try to come up with a small lipo 6v setup to hide under seat. These bikes DO need a battery to run, contrary to some reports.
  7. I believe the clutch is stock. I tried some motul 10-40 and it didn't help. Then I tried reducing oil level to middle of sight glass and that seems to be helping somewhat. Will test more and see.
  8. I'm now thinking that this problem is caused by a draggin clutch. It has a lot of residual drive when pulled all in. I've inspected all parts and bled it to death and still drags. Not sure what else I can do other than try different oils or get an auto clutch. I read that euro formula Mobil 0-40 is different than American formula 0-40 so I may try that. Maybe some MC specific 5-40 as well.
  9. Yeah that might be it. How could I determine that? How does a shift fork get bent?
  10. This has been an issue since I got the bike and I thought it was me but I'm now thinking something wrong. If I hold the lever hard it will click into second but just accelerating hard and banging the gear I often get neutral which is super annoying. Any thoughts? It's a 2012 SMR511