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  1. Hey guys bought my 16' yz250x at sea level rode it a bunch down there and brought it back to where I live (2200ft above sea level) kept fouling plugs so I changed my main jet and pilot jet to the smallest the bike came with and runs good! But fouled my plug again after a long ride, I know I gotta go more lean gotta go to a 172 main but I don't have a Yamaha dealership in town and the closest dealership is almost 3 hours away and I'm just wondering if I can get a main jet from the Honda dealership and it still work in my bike!
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    I'm use to riding bikes I use to ride a gsxr 1000 so I'm use to stupid power, I can't find any kdx where I'm from
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    Having a tough time picking out a used bike I have a choice between a 01' cr250 or a 01' kx250 2 strokes both the same price the cr has a new top end and hasn't been ridden since and the kx has had a rebuild too end about 10 hours ago new to the dirt bike world going to be doing mostly trail riding
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    2001 cr250

    Gotcha now!
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    2001 cr250

    How are you able to tell?
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    2001 cr250

    Stupid question guys! Going to be buying my first dirt bike! 2001 cr250 used just wondering how I can tell that it's actually a 250?