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  1. My bike won't kick start, idle, and backfires. I recently checked the timing and everything was lined up except for the Flywheel. Does anyone know what causing a Flywheel to get misaligned? And how could you fix it?
  2. Hey guys, about a month and a half ago I bought a 2006 crf250r. All stock. When I went to check it out it started first kick and ran GREAT. Then about 2-3 ride in I began to notice the idle was a bit low as if it was going to die. It began to get harder and harder to kick start and eventually got to where it wouldn't idle unless you stayed on the throttle. It also started backfiring a lot as well. Now, It wont kick over at all. its even pretty tough to push start it as well. I did a fresh oil change, got a new spark plug, cleaned the carb and got the valves checked out. I also checked the timing and got it to TDC. Everything was lined up except for the Flywheel. So my question is, What causes the Flywheel to get misaligned and how could you fix it?