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  1. Just do your regular maintenance ( air filters, packing, etc), mix 32:1, and let up off of the throttle every once in a while ( if you ride wiiidddeee open) and it will be fine. (Change pistons when you need to as well.) Wiseco's are very good pistons! Just give your bike a good warm up. I run those same pistons in most of my bikes and never have had a problem with them ( I am pretty abusive on my bikes, race desert, ride tracks, etc) the wiseco pro lite is forged piston and takes a little longer to warm up. Just rip it, do maintenance, and enjoy buddy!
  2. I am 18, 6'2 and 150lbs and I just find 450's to be too much for me. But that's just me. I also ride a 125 that's pretty heavily modified (big bore, bigger carb, etc). I ride desert, (track and almost everything you can think of!) so we have a lot of everything, technical hill climbs, wide open, single track, etc. I just love ripping this thing around getting dirty looks from people riding bigger bikes! Why did you not like the 125? I have buddies that went to 4 strokes because of the fact they didn't know how to ride 2 strokes in the power band. Did you lug it a lot or ride it wide open? Just take into consideration, a 450 is about 4x bigger, and 60 pounds heavier than the 125 you came off of. Also, a fly wheel weight won't reduce the power, it will just make more of the hit towards the top of the revs (give you a little more low end grunt as well along with lower lugging speeds). Just take into consideration the terrain you ride as well. I would say go test it out, if you can, maybe take it on a trail you ride a lot as a test (if you can) and seriously try to think about it. If it seems like too much, I would seriously consider a 250.
  3. Sometimes starting them up again after carb cleanings can be a pain. I like to take a little premix, throw it down the spark plug hole straight into the cylinder, put the plug back in, and kick it over. Should start.
  4. I personally don't ride with a hole shot device, but I am pretty sure it is what keep those little 150 lbs 5"6 professional riders front wheel down. What gear are you starting on? On small bore bikes (50's-125's) you usually start in first. On big bores (250's-whatever huge bore you can think of) you should start in second. This should also help keep that front wheel down as well. I haven't heard of the 3rd gear thing before? Someone with more experience should be able to give you more help. Just my 0.02$
  5. Yup, I race hare scrambles, ride tracks occasionally, etc. Every couple of rides, I'll check compression, do tear downs, etc (regular checkups and maintenance). They usually come out just fine. Heck, I could keep going after 100 hours. I'm just playing it safe. I just Jet it a tad rich, run 32:1 and everything is fine.
  6. Shoot dude! Looks awesome! Now you have me contemplating doing the same thing! Awesome job!
  7. I personally like rockymountainatvmc for parts. I live just 4 hours away from one of their warehouses (have been there in person! It's awesome!), so I get my parts the next day. First things first. Your gonna want a manual. Manuals will save you time and time again. Rebuilds are not super complex on 2 strokes. I have rebuilt 2 of my 125's (crank, piston, etc) at the same time and got them both done in a week. I also like that your going the cheaper/ more time consuming route lol. I would rather be buying a cheap bike that I can spend time and spend a little money on rather than buying a more expensive used bike and finding out it has the same problems. Now, I have OEM cranks and Hot rods cranks (along with hot rods bearings in as well) in my bikes and never had problems with either one. We don't baby my 125's either. Ridden fast and loud. I usually get my cranks rebuilt or replaced every 3 pistons or ring replacements (about 300 hours). Usually when I pull them out, they are still in spec, but I like to play it safe. I honestly don't care if my bike is full OEM though. Sure it sounds nice when you sell it, but I just don't see a point to pay double. Anyways, if you have anymore questions, just ask away! Good luck on your little project!
  8. Helicoils are definitely life savers. I have had pretty good luck at buying bikes without stripped drain bolts thankfully. If you think a stripped oil drain bolts is scary, try stripped head studs. Not just one, but all of them. It's scary but I have over 20 hours on it and no problems so far (*knock on wood*).
  9. Hey guys! So I have been getting some time on my 02 cr125 (Eric gorr 134 big bored). I recently did a PWK 38 (from a 92 kx250) swap along with the 05-07 air boot swap. Here are my thoughts. #1 - started at a 185 main, 50 pilot. Using a red JD jetting needle from a 03 yz250. It has the #5 slide. Right away when I put it in, it sounded a MILLION times better. Sounds almost 250 2 stroke like. Much deeper and crispier. #2 - if you do not like tinkering with jetting ( or do not know how to), this is NOT for you. You need to know what to listen for while jetting it. I have been through over 5 spark plugs trying to jetting it mostly dialed (feel like it is just a tad rich right now). Elevation - 2,000 ft Temp- 80-110 deg Jetting: Needle 3rd pos 170 main 40 pilot #5 slide #3 - Right away, it wants to move! It lost a little bottom end grunt (your not riding a 125 2 stroke for bottom end grunt lol), but gained a LOT of top end! The closer I get it to the perfect jetting, the better it feels! Final thoughts: it is a awesome mod to do if you know what your doing. It is a night and day difference in power! Definitely easier to ride in the power band and I actually like it more than my other 125's. if your thinking about it definitely do it!
  10. Find the outside rut, get in it, hold it wide, and commit. That's how your gonna get that 85 going fast around a track.
  11. Yea... I wouldn't go to him.. Pins for cranks are pressed in with a 2-3 ton press.. you shouldn't have to weld it together for it to not explode! Maybe he should have welded that washer so it wouldn't have exploded... lol
  12. Yamabond
  13. Ummm... yea... no. That should not be welded...
  14. Ok, so after a lot of messing around with jets, I think I have found one that works really good! So, I used the Kawi needle that came on the carb and I have it clipped in 3rd from the top. Next my pilot jet, I worked it all the way down to a 38! (Does this sound too lean!?) it does not surge on idle or decel?! My main I am currently on is a 180. I haven't been able to get enough time on it to have the plug give me a clear sign with the 185, but when I checked it, it had unburnt oil on the electrode.
  15. The biggest difference between 2 and 4 strokes is clutch and throttle technique. On my cr250f, I can really get lazy on it.. railing corners isn't needed as well. I can go on the inside, blip the clutch, and most of the time make the double or table tops no problem. My cr125 is a total different beast. Having to be WIDE open all the time, feathering the clutch, railing everything! You just have to ride it like this to get over everything! As you probably know, both of my bikes will make about the same HP and torque. The 4 stroke will make it more instantly at lower throttle (not to mention a more linear throttle response). 2 strokes will make their max Hp and torque at very high RPM's! (My cr125 will make about 37-40 HP at about 11,000!). You have to keep it in that power if you wanna make everything lol. Hope this helps.