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  1. thetinkerer

    Rebuilding confidence / shaken up?

    Talking about my feelings? I lost those when I joined this blog. Gotta have some thick ass skin to be around here or be in this sport... Funny thing is ever since my crash, things are getting to a whole new level. Up at college right now, throwing backflips off of porches just because. Just about back to my old self riding again. Maybe even just a tad faster. Been tinkering with suspension and what not. Feel even more comfortable and sending it x2 as fast. Can’t wait for my race! Gonna be sending it at the track soon as well! Just gonna send it!
  2. thetinkerer

    Carburetor help

    Looks like a PWK. Can’t tell if it is an air striker or older model. Also can’t tell diameter from looking at it. So we need measurements. Air strikers have 2 fins on the bigger side (filter side) if it has the fins, then it is an air striker. You can find rebuild kits for Keihin PWK’s or airstrikers anywhere. Lots of 2 strokes have these carbs on them. Just look up what bikes had them and look for rebuild kits for it. (I think the 2000 cr250 had a airstryker? Someone here should be able to give you definite makes and models that had them.)
  3. thetinkerer

    What did you do with your CR today?

    Told my baby goodbye for 3 months while I’m at college! Man! Kinda sucks! Left it super clean! My brother better not clap out my baby!
  4. thetinkerer

    Rebuilding confidence / shaken up?

    Whoops! Stupid spell correct! It put hate in the place for hare! I really do not hate racing or riding. It pretty much is the only thing I look forward to and gets me through the week of work. I’ll take this race easy, but I have races to win after this. :wink:
  5. thetinkerer

    Rebuilding confidence / shaken up?

    Thanks everyone for the reply’s! So drinking heavily is not an option (not even 21, and don’t really want to start lol) I guess I will slow it down and try to get resituated, and take some time to speed it up again. Problem is, the next desert hare scramble is soon. So I don’t have too much time lol. :wink:
  6. Hey everyone! So this is probably a weird subject to ask about. But, I think that it may benefit those starting out or have been riding and have had the same problem. So let me start with the fact that I am not super new to riding. I have ridden for 3 years on the same bike, felt pretty comfortable on my bike. I have had little crashes here and there, but nothing has compared to the crash I was in about a month ago. A month ago, I was riding with some of my family and was really feeling it that day. Then, I ride up a little 30 ft tall gravel hill in a gravel pit. I really should have look at the backside of it (backside of it was excavated) but ended up falling 20ft down it. (Luckily, there was a partial bottom to it.). The damage to my bike wasn’t super bad, but needed new bars, throttle cable, etc. very glad I wore my roost protector (something is better than nothing), backpack and helmet because my bike flipped onto my helmet (utterly destroying it) and rolled across my backpack smashing my screwdriver kit as well. (could have paralyzed me!). Rode back to the house with a concussion and some minor scratches and bruises. Could have been a lot worse! Ever since then, I have just not felt very comfortable on my bike for the past 2 rides. (Has new bars that are the same model, settings, etc). I feel like when i ride, I tighten up and make things worse! I feel like it’s probably a mental game, but I will try messing with setup and see if I can get it comfortable. Any tips for trying to get over the “aftershock” of a crash? Should I slow down and try starting from the basics, and rebuild speed and confidence? Any advice would be apprecaiated!
  7. thetinkerer

    Magura Vs easy pull

    Wow, I actually just got a Magura for my 03 yz250. It’s a pretty nice clutch! Took a little bit to figure it out, (never have seen or messed with hydraulic clutches before) but once it was on, it felt a lot lighter than the old clutch. The only real problem I had with installation, was their lack of detailed instructions and spacers. When I first installed it, the clutch didn’t fully engage the actuator arm. Tore the whole thing apart trying to figure out how to adjust it. Took an old shroud spacer and spaced it more. I also thought you bled it like a brake. It wasn’t until I read it on a forum that I learned that you add mineral oil to the bottom bleeder valve to push the air out of the top reservoir. However, I really like this clutch. My dad rode it (usually gets arm pump super easy from always using the clutch) and during the ride he said he loves it. I could use my pinkie finger it’s so light.
  8. thetinkerer

    What did you do with your CR today?

    Cool! I didn’t know they made these! Might get some of these on my bike!
  9. thetinkerer

    cr125 2003 top speed

    Psh. I don’t believe it. I have a taller rear sprocket and this is what my bike was clocked at. I had a 4mph head wind, but I don’t think that would knock 15-20mph off...
  10. thetinkerer

    07 CR125 budget build

    I don’t think the big bores rev slower. I have a 134 big bore done by Eric gorr and I wouldn’t want to go back to stock bore! Would definitely recommend trying it.
  11. thetinkerer

    Finally!!! An orange bike that I would buy!

    Just looked it up. I was pretty surprised as well!
  12. thetinkerer

    PWK conversion infomation

    Float height is perfect. When I hold my Reeds to the light, no light shines through the other side. No cracks, nothing. It has boyesen super stock carbon fiber reeds. Top and bottom end was redone about 50 hours ago along with all of my seals. I fouled 2 plugs today riding. Both pitch black all the way down the electrode. Gonna file down the slide .5mm and turn it to a 5.5 slide. Gonna go down 2 jet sizes until I find it lean. Then riches it up I guess?
  13. thetinkerer

    PWK conversion infomation

    Hey guys, so I have recently done this PWK conversion on my 2002 cr125. I have been trying to get my jetting spot on to stop fouling plugs, but it seems like no matter how lean I make it, it still fouls plugs!! My bike has Eric gorr 134 big bore, pro circuit pipe, R-304 shorty pipe, 05-07 airboot, holes drilled in airbox. Current jetting (and still too rich!!!) Main: 158 Pilot: 38 Slide: #5. (How do I file this to lean it out) Airfuel: 1.5 turns out Needle: Red JD jetting needle for 2003 yz250. Needle pos: 2nd from top. I am thinking either my slide it too rich or my needle is too rich? I don’t have any problems with bog or anything, just keep fouling plugs! I run BR9ES and ride desert at 2,000 ft above sea level.
  14. thetinkerer

    cr125 2003 top speed

    I’ve clocked my 2002 cr125 (the engine on the 03 is 99% the same!) at 65mph on a flat road wide open. With stock gearing you’ll be looking at about 60. It’s fast enough to get you anywhere you need, but you have to remember it has to be wiiiddee open.
  15. thetinkerer

    Eric Gorr yz134 vs 144

    I have a 134 done by Eric gorr. I love the thing to death! Definitely worth it! I ride both tracks and desert. It allows you to change the sprockets to a taller ratio and get more speed out of the bike. The only down side is that top ends are a bit more expensive. I also have a 144 Athena kit as well. The 144 definitely could get a hole shot on a 250f (which I also have as well...) the 144 I don’t think would be the BEST for tracks. I like the 144 more for woods and desert. The 134 has more over rev and definitely less notable vibration. (144’s are also harder to find pistons for. Wiseco being the most notable seller.) Hope this helps. Have any questions let me know.