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  1. Yeah sorry for reaction. Try gold bond or you may have whats called ESO electronic stimulation overload. Try some manual stimulation
  2. I will add this also. Don't go to a party and drink beer and lean against a telephone pole all night. Or let your wife talk you into a great landscaping project with old railroad ties. It jacks you up!!! LOL. Yep.
  3. Just got on this forum. Donald Burgess answer is the same as mine. Rode all thru the 1970s out at cal city. Never got it. Started in my early 20s when I was racing district 37. Same as you it drove me crazy. My experience is south of the rand mountains I will get it the worst.Same place I would bash into them as me and dad tore ass thru them weaving our own trail in the 70s. It is reconized as a work place hazard. Linemen will start getting it after years of climbing poles treated with cresote and have to change jobs. My doctor told me it only gets worse. Try this. Don't get near them at all. Ride in the El Pasos. I don't get it over there. I stay away from the south side of the Rands and have not got it in a long time. Also I never got it as bad at races over in Lucerne Valley as cal city. Hope my 2 cents helps