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  1. tywebb2112

    ktm 250sx reed valve

    as of right now scalvini is blowing me off and being quite rude about it. I got an email from Nicola today and he was dismissive and basically asked what I wanted them to do about it. and yes it was bought new and they could careless it failed.I would be more than happy to email you the pic of the horrible weld.
  2. tywebb2112

    ktm 250sx reed valve

    thanks william1, I did talk to ktm and the don't know why. the website says that they have the "3" stopping at 06' and said they would fix it and as of yet haven't. I have more coming today and I will let you know if they are correct. thanks again. on another note I bought a scalvini for it and the second time I rode it the pipe broke off at the oring flange and the orings came out in pieces after only about 3 hrs of riding.
  3. tywebb2112

    ktm 250sx reed valve

    can anyone tell me why all these parts websites that my 2009 250sx has a vforce4 when it has a vforce3....I ddont think the 4 came out until like 2012...answers please