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  1. California

    Anyone going to the track this weekend? Thinking about heading out Saturday. Pala, Elsinore or LACR.
  2. I have a 2002 FX140 that has stiff steering. It has about 120 hours on it. I took the steering cable off on each end and it appears to be the steering column portion that is stiff. I then disassembled everything within the steering column and greased everything but its still stiff. Any other recommendations? The shops cant get it done in time for the holiday weekend so I am trying everything i can to get it done in time. Thanks!
  3. California

    Is anyone going to the track this weekend?
  4. California

    Haha. Dont think I fall into that category. Should be safe Great man, thank you. I emailed them earlier day so I can talk to them further. Appreciate it.
  5. California

    Thanks man. Just reached out to TBT as well. Thanks, reached out to TBT and going to figure it out. Ive had bikes since I was 9 but have never messed with the suspension at all (amateur move). Im from NY but I live in LA now. What about you? Checking them out. Thanks
  6. California

    Do you have any specific details as to why they are better? Thanks Kenny
  7. California

    I have a 2014 YZ450f and am looking to get the suspension dialed in/revalved for my height, weight and riding ability. I have had a couple friends bring their bike to RG3 and have had a great experience with them and the results they provided. Does anyone have any other recommendations in the SoCal area that have provided great service in regards to suspension? Thanks!
  8. California

    What tires does everyone run on the track? Assuming it's intermediate terrain.
  9. California

    Anyone riding tomorrow?
  10. California

    It's supposed to be pretty hot up there this weekend. I was thinking of taking a trip to Zaca where its closer to the water and cooler.
  11. Awesome. Rotor got delivered today and trying it out this weekend.
  12. California

    What time are you heading there? Definitely let me know if you are heading up there. Has been one of the tracks that I have wanted to check out and the guy I typically ride with is traveling this whole month.
  13. California

    Is anyone planning on going to Lake Elsinore or Zaca this weekend? Or any other tracks?
  14. What do you recommend for the MC?
  15. I just ordered the oversize today and will be testing it out this weekend. Much appreciated guys