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    Front sprocket

    Drz400s seems to have a longer chain, stock is 15/44. Even at 41 at rear the chain will be a bit too long too much slack so the chain neets to be shorten a cpl of links for a better fit
  2. 702adventures

    Front sprocket

    Thanks for the heads up..but its on there took it for a spin works fine..if i notice anything weired definitelygoin with the 38 rear
  3. 702adventures

    Front sprocket

    hello I know am kind of late on the topic and new to riding, however am an experience mechanic and fabricator..Ive just install a 16t sprocket on my drz400s. there was a bit of a clearance issue..took me a while to figure out the best solution but I got in..the chain guard need to be cut, not across but vertical along the ariginal clearance and also need to grind about 2 mm off the arm(directly behind chain guard clearance) for the sprocket to fit..this is the only way..i hope i explained my self.lol...if you guys are interested. am thinking about starting a youtube channel. let me know if you guys need help thanks