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  1. Ok that makes sense. The 4.6 converts to 116x116-that’s assuming that there is no aspect ratio listed so the height is the same as the width, the 130/80 is 130x104, the stock 120/80 is 120x96. That’s why I was struggling to choose because by the numbers the 130/80 is taller and wider, the 4.6 is narrower and taller, however I’m not 100% on the height of the 4.6, I just know the width is close to 120, so I’m hoping it’s also close in height. I didn’t want a bigger tire basically.
  2. I didn’t see a 3.5 listed on all the sites I checked that were selling them. Only the 130/80x18 and the 4.6x18.
  3. Ok thanks for the input!! I have a set of the 700’s on the way!
  4. In your opinion how did They compare to the stock tires, on and off road.
  5. My bad on title-SHINKO
  6. I want to get a set of shinko 700 tires for my 250L. I’m not too sure on the sizing, I’m having trouble locating good info on the subject. Front I know is 3.0x21, it’s the rear I’m unsure of. They only offer 130/80x18 or 4.6x18. I want to stay as close to possible as stock tire size, and body run these and know what size worked best?
  7. I finally had some time today to get my lights wired up. I also installed a dual USB port-that I used to mount my light switch on. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Now I just need to adjust the lights when it’s dark. The only thing I don’t like about the switch is it has small red and green led lights that indicate on/off. I worry about the led draining the battery. I keep it on a tender at home. I may look to find a way to disable the light on the switch.
  8. I hope to get it wired up this weekend, I will post some better pictures when complete.
  9. I believe I used 1” pipe. That sounds better for sure. I had to play around with different pipe sizes to get the sound I wanted. It’s all trial and error.
  10. By design the screen of a spark arrestor doesn’t restrict much at all. In the case of the 250l you can see the screen is wrapped around a tube with slots in it. Therefore it’s the slots that create the back pressure. You can see here there are 3 opening for the gas to escape through.
  11. No tuner, no intake, in fact I read ppl say not to mess with the 2017 air box it is sufficient with the improvements from the factory. The main reason I decided to mod the stock exhaust is because the 2017 has a larger header as well, so it made more sense because it’s already an upgrade over previous years.
  12. No codes at all. Runs fine, in fact feels like it picks up a tad more
  13. Yes the second video is my bike [emoji106] I wouldn’t worry about a lean condition. All your doing is uncorking the exhaust a bit, not ramming more air into the motor.
  14. Here is a link to how a stock 250l exhaust sounds. There are plenty of others on YouTube this is just for example. Here is how mine sounds after the mod I did myself. It was a noticeable difference for me and it’s just right. Not too loud, not too quiet.
  15. I live in the Bay Area, I like to ride around town mostly, a few times a year I’ll hit the trails but nothing crazy, mainly fire roads.