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    95 xr600r, blew all lights.

    Alright, so I know where the FET wires to. The red goes to 12v, the yellow goes to the lighting coil and the orange goes to the horn. The thread you directed me to said basically to get rid of the FET. So, if I already have a switch (I modified it to have a light off option, and I keep power running to the light but it only loads when I'm on, what should I do, delete the FET? Rely on switch, possibly upgrade r/r and wire it to recharge my battery?
  2. Xr600rOKC

    95 xr600r, blew all lights.

    Also, besides the r/r, I have this little black rectangular box with a yellow, red w/ a tracer, & and orange wire connected to it. It's labeled on the Baja designs schematic, but I don't know what it is or what it does really, I know the red wire takes power, and one of the others goes to the horn. Labeled FET
  3. Xr600rOKC

    95 xr600r, blew all lights.

    I appreciate your response brian. I checked my voltage on my battery, the voltage was showing 1 volt connected, I thought something was wrong I checked it with my multimeter and test light, when plugged in it only showed 2.4 volts. I thought it may have a massive drain I removed the battery completely. Stuck it on my charger, then I'm gonna retest it. I think you are right about the regulator. Possibly spiked and blew all of my lights?from what I've found online, it's the r/r from the Baja kit. Also, when I start the bike with the battery removed, I still have voltage to my signals and brake lights
  4. Xr600rOKC

    95 xr600r, blew all lights.

    This is how I have it wired up following the Baja designs schematic. Everything is LED except the front head light. And I'm fairly sure I have a stock stator. It has 3 wires. And with the bike on its showing 40 volts ac from the black and red wire
  5. Xr600rOKC

    95 xr600r, blew all lights.

    Hi guys, just picked up my 95 xr600r. Test drove it and everything seemed fin, brought it home and changed out the front/rear wheel bearings, chain slipper, chain guides, etc. When I bought the bike I was told it has a Baja designs dual sport kit on it, it had the headlight and taillight/tag light. I've gota front and rear brake switch wired up for the brake light too. So when I bought it, he said the lights didn't work, I thought no problem I can take this apart and figure it out. We'll I got it home and noticed both the bulbs where blown (headlight, tailight) bike did not come with blinkers. I pulled the bike and wiring all apart. And started ohming out the entire wire harness, everything checked out. The bike did have a 12v rechargeable lithium ion battery pack installed. It wouldn't charge and had no output, so I bought a new tusk replacement battery pack, The turn signals, and a new flasher, and wired it all up. I crimped and soldered all of my connections as the kit was a hack job when I first got it. Now I tested everything with a new handlebar switch wired up and with the bike off it all worked. Turn signals, brakes, etc. I drove the bike for a couple hours and I come home and noticed no tail light with the bike on, and no flashers either. Pulled it all back apart and found that all of my wires still have 12v running to them, and the switches all work, but literally my led taillight and blinkers are all FRIED. Just out of curiosity I wired up a spare led blinker. Low and behold it worked. My question is. What would cause the tail light and blinkers to blow? My headlight runs off ac s, it still works fine, and when I turn hit my brakes, the light lights up but the tag, brake, and turn signal led are all fried. Still all have power when switched to their positions. Anyone seen this before?