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  1. NewJersey

    Miss you the rocky side of the river. You should come over sometime.
  2. Pennsylvania

    I was trying to get up there on Thursday, but that isn't going to happen. See you after the 4th of July.
  3. Pennsylvania

    Na, I think I'll work this weekend. No, but really, I'm on call. Have fun.
  4. What, no pictures [emoji12] [emoji41]
  5. Pennsylvania

    Normally it's 9am, rtr ?
  6. Pennsylvania

    I'll see you guys on Saturday. I sat on the Jersey side last time, maybe I can get a seat under the tree this time.[emoji41]
  7. Pennsylvania

    I just sent you a pm about tomorrow.
  8. Pennsylvania

    I will be up on Thursday. Are you talking about the new Burma Rd lot? 8am should be ok. Let me know for sure. Thanks
  9. Pennsylvania

    I can't make Wednesday, on for Thursday.
  10. Pennsylvania

    Is anyone riding this week? Maybe Thursday.
  11. Pennsylvania

    I say that all of the time about my Husky. [emoji41]
  12. Pennsylvania

    That bike is planted, period.
  13. Pennsylvania

    Great day today. Dave is a madman.[emoji1] [emoji106]
  14. Pennsylvania

    Pat's buddy with the lowered 501?