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  1. Pennsylvania

    Lost pass # 271 If found please message me Thanks Lou
  2. Check out the RAC meetup thread. Reading anthracite co. / new name Famous reading outdoors
  3. NewJersey

    Come on over while you can, They're not asking for your "papers" yet [emoji631]
  4. Pennsylvania

    Look at NJ dual sport on TT or pine barrens on adv. rider
  5. Pennsylvania

    Now there's a plan
  6. Pennsylvania

    No, I'm working now and probably all day tomorrow
  7. Pennsylvania

    Wish I could, but I'm on call this weekend.
  8. Pennsylvania

    I didn't realize that. I thought that you were back. That dog going to miss you again. Safe travels [emoji583] [emoji631]
  9. Pennsylvania

    Enjoy the new ride.
  10. Pennsylvania

    Great day, great surprises; new bikes and returning friends. Great lead Mr. and Mrs. Enduro. It's only the beginning of the season. Now, where's that chicken salad? [emoji106]
  11. Pennsylvania

    Hey thanks Be there tomorrow
  12. Pennsylvania

    Does anyone know how much snowfall at RAC Burma or Darkwater roads yesterday? I would appreciate any info. Thanks
  13. Pennsylvania

    Nice. I can't get out of state without the help from a trailer. [emoji2]
  14. Pennsylvania

    Wishing your family a speedy recovery. See you soon.
  15. Pennsylvania

    I haven't seen that yet. Looks like it’s from Jersey.