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  1. Jack19978

    07 Kx250f Won't Start

    quick update, re cleaned the carb with no luck, new spark plug gave a brilliant spark, but still no luck, then by chance when i turned the engine to TDC to check timing again, as the compression stroke progressed i heard a leaking sound (i'm not sure how i missed it before), pulled the head off and sure enough i have valves that aren't sealing properly, doing the old fuel in the combustion chamber trick showed a very large leak in fact, going to reseat them tomorrow and hopefully get her all back together before i go away on Friday, fingers crossed this is the problem.
  2. Jack19978

    07 Kx250f Won't Start

    I'll get out the multimeter and give it all a test, yes I'm running the stock exhaust, I'm getting a spark when testing outside the engine but could the stator or magneto or even just a bad plug prevent it from working under compression?
  3. Jack19978

    07 Kx250f Won't Start

    I cleaned the carb the usual cleaner and compressed air way, didn't know about the floss/fishing line trick so ill have to take the carb apart and try that. Running a Cr8e plug i didn't check any resistances regarding the coil, but i have tried 2 different coils with no success unless i am unlucky enough to have two bad ones. It sounds like it tries to fire and i can smell exhaust fumes if i kick for long enough
  4. Jack19978

    07 Kx250f Won't Start

    I'm positive the jetting is stock, the needle clip is in the third position The fuel screw is 1 3/4 turns out Bike won't start with choke or without Petcock is open Air filter is clean Bike won't start no matter the throttle position, no throttle or full doesn't make a difference
  5. Jack19978

    07 Kx250f Won't Start

    Hey all so i bought this 07 from a friend and it had been sitting a few months, since it didn't have an hour meter and it came with a variety of new parts i did a full engine rebuild so i can keep track of hours on the engine. This is my first bike but i have worked on them and ridden before so ill post everything i know about the bike currently. Valve Clearances (direction if looking from rear of bike) Exhaust Left: 0.20mm Exhaust Right: 0.20mm Intake Left: 0.12mm Intake Right: 0.12mm timing is spot on, no spinning on the shafts so it's all okay there Carb fully taken apart and cleaned literally a week ago by myself everything is functioning as normal all of the jetting is currently stock (cant remember numbers as i was a little silly and didn't right anything down just remember it being stock) Elevation 650m (2100ft) Temperature here currently is about 24 Celsius (75 Fahrenheit) Compression While i haven't been able to get my hands on a compression tester, it certainly feels like there is enough when kicking or generally turning the engine over tested for a spark and that's all okay too. The weird thing is that if i kick for long enough i can smell the burnt fuel as you would on a bike that's been running so something is happening but i just can't put my finger on it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, i am new here so a big hello to everyone as well.