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  1. Thoughts on this bike? https://dallas.craigslist.org/ftw/mcy/d/2016-ktm-350-xc/6364295622.html
  2. I am looking to buy used in the Dallas area. Craigslist seems like my best option. In looking at the prices on CL I see such a range on used KTMs. How or where can I do a check to constitute a fair offer? Obviously sellers want top dollar but some are so outrageous. Do I offer KBB or NADA? Seems it could be offensive based on the ask of owners. Better yet, in the 3-4K range what year/models should I target? What about 2-3K? thx
  3. I know the 230 won't do well on the MX track But can I get away with it for an afternoon or two to see if it's for me? Or do I need the right bike for the job? Otherwise, I agree.
  4. I'm new to the sport. Nearing 42 years old. I've been out on the trails a few times on my friends TTR230. I wasn't ripping it up but I enjoyed myself. I'm not sure I'll ever be ripping it but Id love to get out 1-2x a week. My dilemma is this. MX tracks are ~30 minutes away. Decent trails are 1-2 hours away. Given my distance to trails should I focus on MX? If so I'd probably look at getting a 125 2-stroke/250 4-stroke. Or should I get my own 230 and focus on trails. The guys I've ridden with prefer trails. I really don't care, just want to ride, not race. If I got the 230, I know it won't perform great at MX park but could I still put in some laps and seat time? Before you say to forget the 230 for trails, I can pick one up for ~1100, ride it a few months and hopefully improve. Damn. Maybe I'm looking for bike and general advice.
  5. Option 1 - lightly used 2013 Honda 220 for $2800 Option 2 - used 2005 Yamaha 230 for $1700 Option 3 - get a 250 instead About me - new rider, over 6ft height