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  1. TexanCRF-250R

    Spark Plug Reading / Jetting YZ250

    Was it always running rich? Did it run well with the original set up at some point? What changed to cause it to suddenly run rich?
  2. TexanCRF-250R

    CRF250F for my birthday

    I'm 15 - 20 minutes from Ultimate as well. Friendswood. Hope to see you out there. It is an easy track and its close by. Like you, I got back in after 30+ years of being out and back surgery. No problems with the back from riding. I got back after finding a hold over 2015 CRF250R while killing time in San Antonio in early 2016. Wife shouldn't have left me unattended in a strange city with an empty pick up truck.
  3. TexanCRF-250R

    Yz250 frame

    Didn't intend to hi-jack the thread. I had one of my bikes stolen from my garage last summer. Someone out there bought my bike from a thief without a title and it chaps my a$$. One of the three thieves was caguth and convicted but the bike has not been recovered. It's a personal issue with me at the moment. In looking for mine, I've come across a couple for sale like mine (2015 CRF-250R) with no titles. Turned the VIN and sellers name over to the police and two bikes have now been returned to their rightful owners. Unfortunately neither was mine. Anyway, should be a big red-flag to any buyer if the seller can't produce documents showing they own a bike.
  4. TexanCRF-250R

    Yz250 frame

    What happened to the title?
  5. TexanCRF-250R

    Broken oil drain hole

    The engine case does not hold any pressure. If you are not able to make the weld repair with what you have, fabricate a small box with a threaded hole in it to fit over the damaged area and call it good. I'd add a skid plate as someone suggested. Not sure what caused this but if it was from an impact a skid plate will prevent it from happening again. Good luck.
  6. TexanCRF-250R

    Can someone help me value this bike

    I typically pay between $300 and $600 for non running bikes no matter what or how old they are. Depends on engine displacement and whether they kick over or not. Always assume it needs everything.
  7. TexanCRF-250R

    Repair locks after attempted theft

    The cops are being lazy because the bike wasn't actually stolen. They can request and obtain that footage without much effort. My 2015 CRF250R was stolen out of my garage. All the police had to do was request the video footage from our entrances from the HOA. But if a subpoena is necessary in your case, they aren't difficult to obtain. If the police continue to stonewall you give one or more of your city councilmen a call. Present nicely and respectfully (no harsh words about the police) and I'd bet you get some more help on this from the police and you apartment complex. I'm sure you feel violated. I know I did. I'm still pissed.
  8. TexanCRF-250R

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    Isn't that against the law?
  9. TexanCRF-250R

    CRF250R VIN Help

    Have the police run the VIN and see what it comes back as. My bet is "stolen". Keep info on the guy you got it from.
  10. TexanCRF-250R

    CRF250R VIN Help

    Great question. Some tool somewhere has my 2015 Honda CRF250R without a title. Mine was stolen out of my garage. If the guy you buy a bike from doesn't have the title, there is a real good chance someone else like me (the legal owner) does.
  11. TexanCRF-250R

    Chain eating into a subframe

    It's missing the chain slide (part #16), Suzuki calls is a buffer/chain touch defense. Honda calls it a chain slide. It's a consumable like the chain guide. Standard maintenance item. Keeps the chain from eating into the swing-arm. They want almost $50 for it which is ridiculous. Might find an aftermarket version in the $25 range. Even at $50, it's cheaper than a new swing arm and chain. https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/suzuki/motorcycle/2012/dr-z400sl2/rear-swinging-arm You are also missing the lock washer (part #38) that goes behind the front sprocket nut. It appears that they welded that sprocket on because they either did not have or they damaged a $1.38 part. https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/suzuki/motorcycle/2012/dr-z400sl2/transmission
  12. TexanCRF-250R

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    Nice job on the seat. Really looks good.
  13. TexanCRF-250R

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    Went to replace the countershaft sprocket on my 87 XR250R. It would leak a few drops of oil after a ride. Completely destroyed the seal trying to get it out before I figured out that it gets removed and replaced from the inside. Time to split the cases on a perfect running bike. Had. I known, I'd have purchased a couple of rolls of paper towels and dealt with the leak. Looks like they changed the design in 97 to allow for removal and installation from the outside of the engine. Can't believe that did it this way for 12 years. Arrrgghhhh!!!!!!!!
  14. TexanCRF-250R

    Stripped Carb Screw on yz125

    Irwin Tools Hanson 53227 Hex Head multi spline screw extractor set. These work very well. Best extractors I've ever used. Don't try to cut the head off or cut a groove in the head. Too much risk of cutting the carb.
  15. TexanCRF-250R

    1987 XR250R Sprockets

    I actually purchased a new OEM Honda clip/washer. Only thing I am reusing are the two bolts that hold it to the sprocket. Chain and sprockets are scheduled to arrive tomorrow.