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  1. Can’t say for sure as I’ve never ridden the Yamahas, but I did ride with a buddy that had a new ‘18 WR450f and they seemed to perform similarly. No obvious night and day differences just from casual trail riding.
  2. I got the itch for a two stroke. If I didn’t have to sell the Rmx450z to get the new bike, I would have loved to keep it too. Unfortunately, the only way to fund the new bike was getting rid of the old one.
  3. I don’t think there was much changed between the models other than cosmetic ones. I had a ‘17 for a while and I think it was a bike that was very under rated with a lot of potential. I think the main thing is to pull the throttle stop. That makes it pretty good by just doing that. I eventually did the full uncorking(pulled air box baffle, FMF slip on, and a JD Tuner). That did even better, but not really necessary to enjoy the bike if you don’t wanna spend the extra money. It was a nice, reliable bike, especially if you can find one for a good deal.
  4. Hopefully it ends up being a good tire and stays at that price. Can’t wait to hear some real world reviews on it.
  5. Just saw an ad today for a new Tusk Recon Hybrid tire from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. They describe it as a gummy off road/enduro tire and it goes for $59.99. Looks like they only come in rears so far. Searched and didn’t see anything about them on here yet so I wanted to post and see if anyone has heard about or used one yet? https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/l/Tusk-Recon-Hybrid-Tire?il_source=home&il_medium=main-tusk-recon-hybrid-tire
  6. What about putting on some clear vinyl protective tape before installing the guards? Seems like that would stop the superficial scratches.
  7. A modern Enduro style 2 stroke is way different than the MX geared 2 strokes that you probably know. You need to try to ride one and you’ll see the difference. Many great models out there in various displacements to choose from, 200, 250, 300, etc... The Euro bikes are probably the most popular now like the KTM 300 XC-W, Beta 300RR, GasGas EC300. Yamaha makes the YZ250X which is also a great bike. Get out and ride one if you can and you’ll see if it’s for you or not. Some models even have oil injection so you don’t even have to mix your gas.
  8. Yeah, the throttle stop screw just needs to either be replaced with a shorter screw or cut shorter. I think that is the biggest thing needed, it really opens it up and makes it pretty good. That’s the only thing I did for a while and it was not bad.
  9. My ‘19 Beta 300rr didn’t come with one, but it is still available as an option for it. Not sure if that will be the same for the 2020 model though.
  10. I went the opposite way. I got rid of my Super Tenere and went to strictly off road bikes. Initially a Suzuki Rmx450z and now a Beta 300rr. My reasoning was largely driven by wanting to get off the streets and not have to deal with distracted drivers. For the most part, if I get hurt off road it is most likely my fault. Sure, there can be other motorized traffic on the trails to be wary of, but they are probably not gonna take me out cause they are on their cellphone. I even quit riding my road bicycle and stick to my mountain bike.
  11. That’s unfortunate if they discontinued it. I had a 2017 model and it was a great bike(once you uncorked it). Even just removing the throttle stop was an amazing improvement from stock. If they had put a little more effort into it instead of mostly rebadging a 2010 model bike as a brand new one they might have had more success with it. It could use a wide ratio transmission, larger fuel tank, and lighten it up a bit.
  12. So what is the deal with the green thing under the cap? I replaced the stock coolant on my ‘19 300rr with Engine Ice already.
  13. Just curious, do most keep their Beta’s on a Battery Tender or not?
  14. Yeah, I kinda wanted the RE too, but my dealer didn’t have one in stock at the time and my impatience got the better of me. I figure I can always delete the OI if I end up not liking it. So far, no regrets though.
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